equipartition of forces

equipartition of forces

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    Since when is chaos fair…


    Im sorry but this whole concept is just too fucking stupid.

    All these fucking tards smart little posters should read…

    Introduce a little normalcy. Maintain the status quo.
    Go to my job at Home Depot. Can’t wait till I get home.
    Get on my computer and feel the power. Prove how superior I am on the internet.
    And you know the thing about the internet. No one knows how mundane and normal I am.


    Most of 4chan users are fugly social rejects – not what I call normal.


    Also, 4channers do little-nothing.

    Name one thing anyone from there actually did…other that making images like this or calling gamestop asking for battle toads

    Alec Dalek

    Just wait ’til April 16th. They’re planning to burn korans and post them to YouTube. That’ll be a shitstorm.



    Wait, why am I laughing? This is sewious!


    Don’t forget they can look up you name in free person searches and post you “dox” (documents(info))

    Also, they can view the exif data in pictures taken with the iPhone and post a map of the place that picture was taken.

    And they can also find put the facebook a picture was saved from if you don’t Change the file name before uploading it


    When is chaos ever deserved?

    Sure, society is controlling and un-fair, but unless you get royally fucked over, there is no reason to cause chaos


    *when is chaos ever fair


    Agreed. Chaos has nothing to do with what is either deserved of fair. It is simply chaos. At least in a controlled society, there is some semblance of balance and fairness. In chaos there is no such thing, just the promise of constant change…


    I think viable stability has to allow for a certain amount of chaos. If I keep things the same for too long I start going nuts. The next thing you know I’ve traded in my truck and came home w/ a new living room carpet. Go figure, it’s part of the human condition.


    I understand what you are saying Nyoks, however I think what you are talking abut might better be described as natural variation, not chaos. Variation in the midst of stability is certainly a good thing, however chaos, by definition, does not possess any component of stability whatsoever. I think people use the term chaos a little too loosely…


    Maybe. I’m referring to chaos as part of the natural systems. They used to call it chaos theory, now it’s complexity theory. W/ that being my reference, I’m sticking to my statement.


    Fairly dishing out the undeserved doesn’t make chaos anything desirable. Thankfully, those who follow such lines of logic are easily identified by their chaotic uses of grammar rules. Fair and evenly distributed awkward sentence structure, right there…


    Isn’t that a quote from the Joker in Dark Knight? I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere before.


    “amonymouse” just gets more pathetic and unoriginal every day. Its kind of sad.


    4chan meets the classic paradox of organized anarchy. Agents of chaos, yeah sure.


    Please enlighten me on this “anarchy” 4chan has.

    Everyte I go there, its nothing but threads about how some girl threw some puppies into a river and they need to kill the bitch, or how some old man is having a birthday and has no people to go to his party…


    Anarchy leads to Government.


    Prove it. Several instances.


    Someone edit this pic to say something along the lines of “we call gamestop and ask foe battle toads”


    Smells like teen spirit.

    Nothing more, nothing less. Besides, that statement its so shallow and lame it isn’t worth the energy to actually debate about it.


    I think the Joker (and fans of his quotes) was confusing “fair” with “indiscriminate” or “unbiased.” And if Harvey Dent was emotionally traumatized, grieving and totally unhinged, the lawyer side would’ve corrected the pathetic clown.

    *sudden idea for lame-ass photoshoop*

    To the Search engines!


    they are no t creating chaos just going with the flow, of what they say are being chaotic to. what?


    ill admit that the source itself is fairly lame, 4chan is the center of perversion as well as people who want to feel powerful on the internet flock there like gulls. But the phrase itself is from a movie. So don’t read to much into it. Look up the quote.

    but i do agree with “chaos is fair” a chaotic state is survival of the fittest, social Darwinism.


    I beg to differ. Things that would normally be referred to as socioculturally “fair” are not necessarily logical from a Darwinian standpoint. I don’t think fairness and Darwinism/natural selection really have anything to do with each other.


    Seriously, wtf is Social Darwinism? It seems like such a stupid term w/ no real meaning.


    Hmm. well social Darwinism was probably not the best term to use, my apologies. But one some level you have to admit that survival of the fittest, is a fair idea. It may not be fair for the individual. but if survival of the fittest is natural, doesn’t that mean its fair as well? That’s my point in a nut shell. If chaos is natural, than it should be fair on some level.


    I disagree. Survival of the fittest has nothing to do with being fair. Darwinism does not have a “fairness” component. It is a process whose outcome is the result of any arbitrary number of environmental and/or genetic factors. The concept of what is “fair” simply cannot be defined in this paradigm, either at an individual or social level. Being natural does not make a difference one way or another, as our concept of fairness cannot be defined from a naturalistic standpoint either.


    I get the gist of what people mean when they use the term Social Darwinism, but it doesn’t make any real sense. Is it psychological? Economic? Having the most of something? What does it really mean? I don’t think there exists a true definition for the term and w/o that it’s totally meaningless.


    I agree. I think Darwinisms only legitimate definition is the classical one, where individuals/species that posses the genetic/physical/intellectual capacity to survive a given environment will outlive any that don’t. Social Darwinism may include a sociocultural component that is not explicitly described in the classical definition, however it is, at best, simply a specific case of the original.


    or go with the simple. fairness=greed.