Godzilla – Best Summer movie of 2014?


Godzilla, who might be the best known of the Kaiju returns this summer, and frankly it’s about damn time that the king of monsters gets the movie treatment that he rightly deserves. This movie does it right, and god dammit if there’s not another Godzilla movie soon I’ll be incredibly disappointed.

If you have the opportunity to see this in IMAX, I strongly suggest you take it, hearing his roar from the IMAX speaker system was well worth the upcharge.

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    This movie is interesting. I feels more like a disaster film than a straight-up kaiju move…until the last half hour, then it’s full-tilt giant monster action. The choices made with how Godzilla is portrayed are also pretty surprising. But the bottom line is that it is an AWESOME movie. I loved it.

    tiki god

    I found it humorous that the female kaiju was basically just Clovy with shiny eyes 🙂


    Just saw this earlier. It was really awesome.


    ***SPOILER REVIEW*** As I see it, Godzilla suffers from a few flaws that keep it from meeting its potential. Unfortunately, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen performances don’t hold much weight. After Juliette Binoche and Brain Cranston leave the stage, I experienced a noticeable drop off in interest in the human characters. I never really bought Taylor-Johnson and Olsen as a couple. There didn’t seem to be much chemistry there. My other complaint was there just wasn’t enough Godzilla. I really would have like to see the fight scene at the Hawaiian airport play out on the big screen, rather than… Read more »

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