NCC-1701-A Enterprise

NCC-1701-A Enterprise

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    tiki god

    see this? this is what the enterprise should look like, not like that pregnant whale of a starship that they passed off as the enterprise in the abortion that JJ Abrahams shit out.


    Amen to that. I hated Church’s take on the ENTERPRISE.

    Gabe Koerner, on the other hand, came up with a design that paid homage to the original, while still being “modernized” for a new film:

    My personal favorite shot:

    Every time I look at his work, then remember what they used (Church’s design), I get more depressed.


    Oh, forgot to agree on this point: the “movie era Kirk ENTERPRISE” — the 1701 we first saw in STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE — is still by far my favorite design.


    I can’t decide: Ent 1701A or D.


    Don’t forget two cadillacs as nacelles… or the bizarre different scales through the movie!


    Here here !!
    Get ready for Shit Trek 2 already filming….

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