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“According to The STAR WARS Sourcebook there were four Executor-class vessels in service in the time immediately following the Battle of Yavin in A New Hope. By the time of the Battle of Endor, four years later, their success had led the Imperial Navy to construct many more, acting as standard command vessels throughout the Galactic Empire. Piloting a stolen shuttle to Endor, Han Solo was unsurprised to see the Executor in orbit, acting as the command station for processing security clearances for passage through the deflector shield protecting the new Death Star. When Luke Skywalker announced that Vader was present, Solo responded “Now don’t get jittery Luke; there are a lot of command ships.” Clearly the Executor’s siblings were relatively abundant by that time, or at least no longer rare. Most were probably put to use as flagships for Grand Admirals, Grand Moffs and important Moffs. For instance, the Black Sword Fleet near Farlax sector was led by three Executor-class command ships.” – Dr Curtis Saxton

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    tiki god

    oh man, remember when star wars was cool?


    hey man, I played empire at war and thought it was awesome. But I get what you mean (nerd alert).


    Quote by Dr Curtis Saxton…

    Doctor of what? Star Wars-ology?


    Actually, tiki, I feel that every bit of new Star Wars junk that come out just makes me realize how effing awesome ROTJ is. It will never stop being awesome, and neither will Executer-class command ships.

    I remember the sourcebook for the old d6 system Star Wars rpg that had all the ships in it shown to scale. When you got to the page for the Executer-class Star Destroyer it only showed the ass-end. There was a silhouette of the rest of the ship over the next 5 or 6 pages.


    Oh come on, This gives me a big geek boner.
    I love to know a ton of useless facts about Ultra Geeky shit. It makes me happy, so don’t buzz kill the mega geeks. We’re gaining a strangle hold over the entire system.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I don’t think you can count anything as a “fact” about a fictional universe that isn’t even internally consistent.


    Virginity: some people never lose it.


    That doesn’t sound right. Weren’t there only 2 super star destroyers according to the EU.


    I love the old trilogy and most of the games based off on them. I still await the day I’ll see the Star Wars Trilogy arcade shooter game released on…. well, anything.


    : Certainly there were inconsistencies when the expanded universe began to develop. Since however, they’ve amassed a fairly consistent universal chronology for most things. Bringing most of the expanded books, comics, movies and games together as well as possible. But the thing is, its fiction. So stop being a buzz kill and try to have fun. Ass Face.


    MrDooves, do you mean like doing the Kessel run in seven parsecs?


    Caio, the Kessel Run thing was retconned to explain that the area of space in question was hazardous to traverse, and most pilots would circumvent it by taking the long way. Han was boasting that he made the run by traveling the shortest distance, straight through the perilous region avoided by sane pilots.

    Or, is that what you were referring to?

    Damn, I feel nerdy dirty just saying that.


    : Brava! *clap clap clap*


    Though it is still a fishy quote, since Han was referring to the Falcons speed, and not his brazen tenacity, or the ships maneuverability. Though I suppose that by taking the quickest most dangerous route, it equates to ‘being’ the fastest, just not by conventional thinking. Though It didn’t have a setting for ‘ludicrous speed’

    Remarkably, its George Lucas himself that contributed to the highest number of errors. He is a visual story teller at best, and not especially intelligent. The best Star Wars Creations are when he is least involved.


    Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. I got to say the “ring of black holes” around kessel is the biggest retcon in the history of retcons. That kind of retcon makes my penis feel shrinky

    I used to like star wars but I think I’ll stick to ‘Hidden Fortress’. All the good. None of the retcon.


    Aye. Did George Lucas think that the Star Wars fans would find it endearing to see him photographed in a ‘Han shot first’ t-shirt? I know I didn’t find it endearing.


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