Directed by Mike Cahill. With Owen Wilson, Salma Hayek, Nesta Cooper, Jorge Lendeborg Jr.. A mind-bending love story following Greg who, after recently being divorced and then fired, meets the mysterious Isabel, a woman living on the streets and convinced that the polluted, broken world around them is a computer simulation.

What does a post-need society with Matrix level technology do with itself? Turns out that even when we have absolutely everything we need, there’s still stuff to complain about, so dipping into the Matrix from time to time will, in theory, remind us to enjoy the world we live in. But what if the world we choose to go to is more enticing than the world we left? What if the post-needs society isn’t real at all?

‘Bliss’ is an enjoyable twist on a familiar narrative, Wilson and Hayek show off their considerable acting chops and sell a movie that in lessor hands would have failed to launch.

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    Salma Hayek is 100% BUTTERFACE


    To be fair, so is Owen Wilson….


    I’ve always felt that Owen Wilson is a good looking guy, if you ignore his horribly disfigured nose…


    Well, a “BUTTERFACE” is a chick who has a great body, “BUTT-HER-FACE” is seriously lacking. Also Salma is a horrible actor. She cannot lose her accent. She is the Antonio Banderas of female actors.


    Isn’t it interesting how the promo photo tries to hide both of their horrible disfigurements? A line through Owen’s mangled nose, and a line through Salma’s disgusting face.