Child’s headstone

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I did a shoot at the Rhode’s Cemetery in Austin Texas, and I found this tomb stone. As far as I can tell the child was buried without a name.

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    No one should be buried without a name. 🙁


    It was probably still-born… so not baptised. And, for some people (specially way back then), not baptism no name, at least for a burial. Sad but true.


    He probably was not a stillborn as according to the tombstone he lived for 3 days. However, I do agree that he would not be given a name until he was baptized.


    Still-born and yet lived for three days apparently. I like you effort to take a little jab at religion, though.


    Wasn’t a “jab at religion”. I was simply describing a situation. And I didn’t notice the “lived for 3 days” thing…

    Kik Dogg

    You should never name something you might have to eat.


    Au contraire: Clyde was delicious.


    This must be a joke: the last name is an anagram for @Tongue


    Still born wouldn’t be a child that lived for 3 days. But back in the 1940’s they wouldn’t have to have named the baby. Or maybe it was born at home possibly.


    Still happens. We get newborns in surgery a few days old and their names say “baby boy” or “baby girl” plus their last name.

    There are still cultures where the community decides the name of the child after it’s been around for a while, or even places that keep the kid nameless until they chose their own.

    Alani Claytor

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