Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure = waste of time and money

So I went to Islands of Adventures, primarily because I heard they had a whole section of the park that was dedicated to some Marvel Comics characters, and I’m somewhat of a comic book nerd.  The sad things was that there were only 3 rides in the marvel section, and two of them were for skinny & short people only, so I got to ride a Spider-Man ride from the late 90’s that seriously mentioned The Clone Saga.

We did the entire park in about 4 hours, spent about $100 there to ride about 4 or 5 rides, all of which were pretty weak.  I would avoid Universal Studios if you’re going to Orlando, FL, I hear Disney has a couple more rides than that…


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    If you go to Universal Studios instead of Disneyland… you’re gonna have a bad time.


    If you’re going down that way, Disney or Busch Gardens are the way to go. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about Universal Studios.


    My kids seemed to like Universal every time they went. We went to Horrorfest or whatever they call it at Halloween, and spent the night. I had a good time, and all the kids did too. This was a few years ago when I had all four kids at home. Compared to the zero I have at home now. 🙂


    You’re a comic book nerd??!!!!?!?


    Busch Gardens, seriously. Much better time (BEER). The only reason I ever went to Universal was because we pulled into Port Canaveral and military got in for free. Oddly enough, Busch ran that same deal (and free beer!).


    yea, but its busch beer. echh.


    Skinny and short? what dimensions we talking? I’m 6’4 and never been turned down for a ride but the UK has like… 6 roller coasters total, all of which are like the “demo” of a decent American coaster

    Are you 300lbs? (not even being insulting but same as above, have 250-260lbs friend who is similar height but hes ok for rides)


    Tiki is 6’11” and 460lbs.




    Try showing up for their “scary” Halloween Horror Night thing. Nothing like an overcrowed park, 4 hr. long line for a sub-badass “haunted house” and THOUSANDS of drunk miami/hispanic assholes all wanting to prove just how “not scared” they all are. FUCK that place. From one Tally-bro to another… Busch Gardens next time, dude. Better ‘coasters and less expensive brew.


    Busch Gardens is awesome, for the beer tent and the fact that there are eagles all over the park. The safari is pretty kick ass too.
    I went to universal years ago (before the marvel rides went it) I thought it was ok. They had a combo ticket at the time with Seaworld. Seaworld is a lot of fun too.


    LOL Tiki’s too fat to enjoy rides.


    Only Marvel ride I’m interested in is Black Widow from the movies, if you catch my drift.


    When we went, we did the fast pass thing, I will never do a major amusement park any other way. Saw the whole place/every ride in like 8 hours and no lines.


    Try losing some weight fatass and maybe then you’ll be able to enjoy more of life and the things you want.


    Sorry, same guy as the fast pass post above. Family member is 6’7″ or so, and was over 300lbs at the time and went on every ride at universal. So I don’t know what ride you couldn’t get on for being “tall and big” Granted this was years ago and I dont remember anything too rigorous anyways that would of been a problem. At that time at other theme parks he got on roller coasters ok as well.


    Disney has almost no roller coasters. Plus, Universal has Harry Potter land.

    It’s called Islands of Adventure. There are 5-6 themed “islands”. How many Marvel rides did you expect? Plus, Disney bought Marvel, so it’ll be a little hard for them to stay with the times.


    I went and loved it! Been there twice, actually. The Spider-man ride was my favorite part, though I don’t read Spider-man, so I wasn’t aware of the errors.


    Did the whole Orlando theme park thing in 2002 for “Heroes Welcome” where card carrying military, police and firefighters got in free, and up to five other family/friends got in half price. Did one day of Universal Studios, a day of Islands of Adventure, half a day of Magic Kingdom, and an evening of Epcot. Disney was great if you had kids under ten. The rides were very family friendly. Islands of Adventure had to be the best fscking amusement park ever for rides. A comic nerd will never be satisfied with a commercial delivery of your favorite comic. The… Read more »