tomb of the unknown soldier

tomb of the unknown soldier

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    I have nothing but undying respect for those who serve.


    Been there. Saw the changing of the guards. My Grandfather is buried there. Maj Gen James Clyde Fry. Took the surrender of the Germans in Italy. It’s one thing to go to the Tombs of the Unknown, but driving past the thousands of headstones on the way there is what really gets you.

    Billy Manic

    The original Anon.


    If the soldier is unknown why don’t they just open it up and look inside?


    Zen^, I applaude your knowledge of Jonny Bravo, but you still need to Die in a fire for making fun of these guys.


    It’s not for some Unknown Soldier, more so it’s for every soldier, sailor and airman in the United States Military. The sense of respect and loyalty these people have to defend that tomb is uncanny. They will not leave their post, even in the middle of a hurricane. True story, google that shit.


    Read up on it

    [lol it looks like “Tomb O’ Fun”]


    Wait, that looks like four different tombs.
    Perhaps the unknown solder is actually Voltron?

    We should dig them up, and see if they all join together in any way.


    I’d rather my tax dollars went to something else than paying that guy to walk back and forth all day.


    TGGeko, While i applaud your ability to understand my reference, but you can still suck my dick, fuck you.


    it’s pretty badass the US Gov’t. made Robert E. Lee’s home into a cemetery for Union dead and barred any Confederate soldiers (until it was overturned in the 1910s).

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