30 or 38 are dead

30 or 38 are dead.jpg

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    Why would this make me sicker than any other un- or misreported casualties of war? Did participation in Seal Team Six make them invincible? Or are you suggesting something else?


    I think that he’s suggesting that someone “helped” them go to to the “green(er) pastures”.


    Could it possibly be enemy troops?


    Uh, did I miss something?


    The bizarro structure to the text is throwing me off here. I’m still trying to figure out why it mentions 30 of the 38 – why leave out 8? And why would someone say “over 20” when you could say the actual number? Would “under 20” be different? And by saying “feel sick yet” I get the impression that each of the statements is meant to build up to something but ME CONFUSE. If there is a conspiracy here it has to do with the education system.


    isn’t crash what a helicopter does when it’s shot down? the statements aren’t mutually exclusive. why mention msnbc? did any other news agencies report it? looks like more propaganda. conspiracy theorists just don’t understand making the waters muddy doesn’t make me believe you.

    Mark Antony

    I believe they are leaving out the 8 for security reasons. But even if these were guys from the actual Osama operation, I very much doubt their pics would be released to the media. Even if they had died. As to the text, seems like it alleges some kind of weird conspiracy. The what and why is anyone’s guess, but I can’t see how it would make any kind of sense. Seal Team 6 guys are in a notoriously high-risk business; it’s not surprising that some of the members of that team would die in an operation months or years… Read more »


    Helicopters in general are a point-of-risk for soldiers (not because of any inherent design flaw, we just put them in high risk situations).

    It really seems like whomever made this wants to harp on the fact that the initial report was that it crashed, and then they changed it to shot down (love the fact that they put quotes around shot down to add emphasis). I guess that they don’t understand the concept of initial reports.

    Oh well.


    probably left out the 8 because that was the 3 members of the helicopter crew and 5 afghan national soldiers to carry their bags


    Omg, wow, a conspiracy theory! And on the internet!?!?!? And no one can really check the facts?!?!?! So you can just make it up as you go along!?!?!

    Also why would I feel sick? Maybe they faked all the deaths so no one from Al-Qaeda would try and track them down….


    man…is this conspiracy theorist out of the loop…months ago they already had a conspiracy that Seal Team 6 was just a cover story and the actual Bin Laden was safely escorted back to the White House where he was given a medal for his service to the USA and then sent to his next assignment to cause unrest in another target country…North Korea! (dun dun dunnnn)


    Yes, I do feel sick. I ate at a cheap Mexican restaurant for lunch and it’s not sitting right with me. BTW, what the hell is all the text above that about?

    If they were queers, niggers, or otherwise degenerate left wing obama supporting bottom feeders you’d all be whining and crying.

    Real people die and you make jokes. Typical.

    Who the fuck even watches let alone trusts MSNBC anyway? lol


    who the fuck trusts ANY news agency anymore? and for all you know a couple of them probably were fags. it’s only assholes like you that it makes a difference to. like being gay somehow makes becoming a seal less of an achievement. go suck a dick.


    Do tell me more about Fox News…


    I thought that when America went to war the bad guys would surrender immediately and a magical, invincible shield would be placed around the good guys and they’d all go home without a single casualty.

    I am shocked and outraged that this is not the case.


    Of course everyone is ignoring the obvious, that none of them were killed they just went under cover and the helicopter crash is just a convenient excuse for their being no identifiable bodies (horrible fire you know)- they all got new identities and were relocated so terrorist operators wouldn’t try to hunt them (or their families) down for revenge. Just like witness protection, happens all the time.


    o great , now everybody knows…loose lips,loose lips