Tobacco plants in my office.

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I planted/grew some tobacco to see what it looked like. I rolled one cigar and it was horrible.

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    I believe even the “grow your own” enthusiasts either have to store it for a while after it’s dried/cured, or add stabilizers to the shred to mellow it out a bit. Most fresh plants are bitter as hell. I’m also pretty sure that they still rely pretty heavily on flavorings, subtle or not, too.

    Fun experiment, though? Gonna keep doing it?

    tiki god

    I do enjoy growing plants to smoke them.

    Jimbo Sumbitch

    I grew a tomato plant just for that reason.

    Ever try to light a tomato? It’s a bitch…But man was it smooth!


    Turning fresh tobacco into a smoking product is a very time-consuming process. I believe commercial farmers store the leaves for around 3 years after harvest before it’s ready to use.


    Here in Kentucky where I see shitloads of it grown everyday… They usually cut and hang starting about late August till early October. Then they do stripping and packing in about January to March depending on when the crop was cut. It’s often a full year job just growing tobacco.