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every one wants to like germany, strong, ambitious but misunderstood.
-that one guy from futurama

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    That is my problem, underestimated and misunderstood.


    My grandfather killed a lot of those assholes.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    My grandfather died in a concentration camp….

    he fell out of the guard tower.

    Good to hear new jokes.


    My father’s father ran communication lines so that the commanding officers could tell your grandfather where to go to kill them.

    My grandmothers boyfriend that I consider to be my grandfather killed Germans before they were Nazis, back in the battle of the bulge. I always found this humorous because he had a bulging gut.


    Um…they were Nazis at the Bulge.
    Are you thinking of the Germans that bombed Pearl Harbor?


    Nope, I’m just retarded.

    For some reason I thought he was in WW1… But that would make him far older than he is. I feel like I’ve trolled myself.


    That sounds suspiciously like pride and admiration, which scares me when associated with killing. Even if it was arguably a necessity.


    Nothing wrong with pride and admiration when one must overcome fear and uncertainty to do what it is right in the face of death, even if it is associated with killing.

    Welcome to the real world.


    I’d still have to disagree, acceptance is one thing but gloating about another person (who is likely to be just another normal guy) losing their life is, to me, abhorrent.

    “Welcome to the real world”? That’s a silly comment, just meant for effect.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m pretty sure mine may have raped a few women over there too. He sure was worried about going to hell when he was dying.

    “But you were a soldier killing the enemy.”

    “Ya….ummm. Mostly.”

    If Saving Private Ryan had been factual and fair they’d have shown Americans and English torturing Germans and killing their kids. There for sure would have been a lot of rape. I guess that goes for every single war movie though. They never show that what actually wins is being the biggest motherfucker.


    Well, now we all know how Mags was brought into the world. Figures.

    And this retard was in charge to make your father ?
    Congrats Sir, you are the one.


    Wheres Der Nazi King?

    a four year old retarded monkey who can find and post trash that is around us.
    and yes, three of them are nice.
    no, sorry. a troll.


    I have no problems with this. It’s history.

    Nazi Germany doesn’t exist anymore. Neither does imperial Japan. Neither do US slave owners.

    Let it go.


    I’d gladly let Germany invade France and northern Africa, and let Japan invade China and the Philippines, for the right to own a few slaves.


    Why France?


    I hate everyone. STOP BREATING MY AIR!!!!


    LOL! So angry I misspelled!