cruise ship

cruise ship

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    could anyone tell me from where this picture was taken from ? because it looks like it was taken on my island … the harbor looks similar


    I can’t say where its from but its a Carinval Cruise Liner (they all have that “whale tail” looking thing )


    This may be a bit off-topic…

    If angry Muslims would fly a 747 into one of these ginormous cruise ships I would finally have a reason to respect them and their invisible savior. Bombing a cruise ship… how cool is that?

    BTW… I hate cruise ships and the douche bag retards who think a good vacation involves sitting on one, stuffing your fat face at the non-stop buffet, and being driven around for a few weeks like some kind of retarded cargo.

    Alpha Harrison

    That’s…..pretty intense there chief. Calm the fuck down


    question still unawnsered waiting on the uploader comment ?

    tiki god

    the picture was taken in my backyard, you can see my two dogs right there in the picture.