black mesa research facility

black mesa research facility

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    Black Mesa Transit Announcement System: Good morning, and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System. This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of the Black Mesa Research Facility personnel. The time is eight-forty seven A.M… Current outside temperature is ninety three degrees with an estimated high of one hundred and five. The Black Mesa compound is maintained at a pleasant sixty-eight degrees at all times. This train is inbound from Level Three dormitories to Sector C Test Labs and Control Facilities. If your intended destination is a high security area beyond Sector C, you will need to… Read more »


    @Puulaahi: I hope you didn’t type all that out.


    that was a joke; ha ha; fat chance


    @Puulaahi: °_° what is going on


    So… what’s this from again? It sounds kinda familiar but I’m not sure where…


    The first time I went through that lengthy tram ride, I can vividly remember thinking “Yes, yes, yes, whatever, so when do I get to start shooting bugs?”


    If they ever finish this, it will be the best thing in the world:


    @Caio: Been keeping an eye on that for a while now. Keeping my fingers crossed…


    I think it might be a bit dated if they ever do finish… anyway this cake is great, its so delicious and moist.


    “that was a joke; ha ha; fat chance”
    @ Natedog
    Damnit you beat me to it!!!!!