your offering pleases technoviking

your offering pleases technoviking

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    Watching the Techno-Viking was one of my big motivators to get back into shape and after a year now I am extremely happy. I went from 230 lbs and 20% body fat and now I am down to 195 lbs and 10% body fat. All hail Techno-Viking!


    Ok, I don’t have a clue as to who this is, but why is this guy getting ready to drink a bottle of liquid a couple of feet away from another guy who is pulling up his zipper.


    You’ve never seen the Techno Viking video?

    Prepare to be enlightened.

    If you can find the original video, it is at once hilarious, fascinating, and perplexing.


    This isn’t the original, and the quality is pretty bad, but it gives you an idea. I’m not sure, (because it has been a while since I saw it) but I’m fairly certain this isn’t the music that was in the original video.


    Ah, I found it, ignore that bad quality one.


    When someone made a typo and told you to rave and pillage