No Smoking Police


I was super sneaking and took a picture of this guy while he wasn’t looking. Everyone who saw me thought I was crazy. Apparently you can’t smoke on the street in Shinjuku, unless it is a designated spot.

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    Bravo. The japanese may be perverted and weird, but they’re also a step ahead. Maybe other places have similar laws, but to date I haven’t seen any. Fuckin’ smokers.

    Alexis Rose

    In the great state I live in, who am I kidding, its Arkansas, there is a smoking ban from all public places…I think you can’t even smoke within 100 feet of any public place.


    Perverted, weird, culturally a step ahead and technologically advanced. Sweet. The Japanese are my kind of people.


    Too bad nobody wants to pass a law against being whiny little bitches. Why can’t people grow up and worry about things that actually matter, instead of just hiring more publicly funded nazi-nannies to give shit to harmless taxpayers?


    Angry much? Somebody steal your smokes or summat?


    Curiously enough, way more Japanese people and *way* *way* more Japanese males smoke, percentage-wise, than the US. Last time I checked, Japan had the highest smoking rate of any developed nation, whereas, by world standards, the US was relatively smoke-free. So, if I was some wheezing metrosexual pussy who couldn’t even stand being in the same generous radious as someone who – god forbid – smokes in some alleyway, I wouldn’t take one crowded and heavily managed district of Tokyo as really indicative of anything.


    I just hate the fact someone has to fuck up the air just to relief some stress, then comes and talks to me with the foulest of stenches.


    Yeah, I kinda hate that too…