obama did that

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    I’m sorry, you’re attributing the actions of the US Senate and House of Congress to the figurehead of the US Government as a whole.

    Try again.


    Not to mention the fact that most of those economic woes were carry overs from the Bush years.


    This. He was handed a load of shit and was told, “Here! Fix all of this!”


    This again.


    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Or do anything right at all. I mean something would be nice. I know I know you can find bullshit links to purported facts framed to make it look like he did anything but on his best day he got jack shit done and on his worst he plunged your dollar downward.

    When Bush was in power it was all his fault. When Obama is in power its everyone elses.

    You people are so sad.


    Geez, Mags, you’re nnot even trying anymore.

    Why don’t you say something like there are secret FBI documents that show Obama is controlled by the NAACP so they can find where all the white women are at, but the documents were sealed by Vivica A. Fox.

    That would be some classic Magnus right there.


    I’m tired of hearing “He was handed a load of shit …”, Obama wasn’t forced to run for president, if he wasn’t up to the job he should have let Hillary have the nomination.


    You know he gets paid to do his job, right?

    So he was handed money and fame as well as shit.


    korinthian, I earn more than the president does. He’s not getting a lot of money or fame compared to how much blame he is getting.


    Thats US politics for you


    NO! us politics means blinding ppl in every way of conciuousness! nobody will ever no what happend ond on 9/11. but why, we live all in a *free* country. nk knows why and dA as well. don’t blame obama for the only things you know about! he did much more better than the “bus regime” did.


    So, what you are saying Demnarkian is the great economic growth during the 1990’s should be attributed to the Republicans when they controlled both the Senate and the House of Representatives and not President Bill Clinton?


    I may very well be, it depends on who was doing what. If Bill Clinton was the one working hard at developing and investing in infrastructure within our borders, then I would say he should get the credit. It it were Congress and the Senate, then I would give them credit. Whereas: right now the House and Senate Republicans have been on the warpath for the past three years, intent on wrecking everyone’s shit, and then pointing fingers at the House and Senate Democrats and President Obama saying, “You didn’t try hard enough to stop us! You’re ruining the country!”… Read more »


    But as bush was running us into the ground the republicans/idiots were blaming Clinton.
    If you are a republican you are either totally ignorant, a total asshole or in most cases both. And no, I do not have any affiliation with any political party. Political parties are for people who are too stupid to form their own opinions on actual issues and are detrimental to society.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya fight the power overly opinionated little guy. You go die your hair black and rock the world. lol

    I’m sorry but you reek of kool aide.


    Classic Buttfoorson – no ideas, just cheap put-downs


    Ha, I thought that was funny. Haters gonna hate as usual.

    I think sometimes you need to be able to differentiate between funny and trolling.

    This was funny.


    I’m drunk so I’ll apologise (sorry) in advance of saying this:



    It’s Saturday. Time to feed the trolls.

    God I love this site.

    niggers can’t math


    the Democrats were in charge when the economy started to go into the toilet. Bush tried to fix it but the Democrats blocked him. Obama has made it 1000 times worse. Anyone that believes differently is just stupid.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    And its not worth trying to talk sense to the senseless.

    This picture is awesome. That dumb half breed is the worst president the US has ever had.


    Worst president by who’s standards?
    Because the worst president, by my standards, was Bush Jr.


    Butthead, your racism is showing again –


    Halfbreed, eh? You stay classy.


    True, Obama did terrible things like preventing GM and Chrysler from going under and turning a recession into a depression. And the SOB looks like he’ll make a profit for the taxpayers doing it!

    If the Republicans had their way, this country would have little or no auto industry left now and millions more unemployed. Of course, the Republitards would probably celebrate with another big tax cut for the billionaires.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    dicksuc if only you could fuel your prius with bullshit you’d never have to use gas again.


    Actually, no, they weren’t. When the Republicans were kicked out of control of congress shortly before the crash at the end of Bush’s terms, the thing was already barrelling toward disaster. Nothing could have averted it at that point.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    See…blame the last guy.

    You guys make excuses for him like he’s your son who keeps getting arrested.


    oh, like you and bush?


    The axis aren’t labeled. You fail so hard.


    It’s kind of sad to see that no one got the Daily Show reference here. Instead what I see is a bunch of people making sweeping accusations to large groups of people, and insulting each other. The truth is both parties were to blame, and just cause you like or dislike one doesn’t mean all blame goes to Obama, Bush or the office of the President for that matter. Both Bush AND Obama are at fault here, so are both houses of congress going back to when Carter was in office. And yes, there are people in in congress who… Read more »


    Don’t forget, Obama promised: 1. Unemployment won’t go above 8%, but it went to 10% (still above 9%) 2. Close Gitmo by January 2010, (still waiting) 3. Repeal the Patriot Act (not only still waiting, but has actually increased enforcement of it), 4. End the wars, (not only are we still in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he has now ordered the military to kill people in Libya and Pakistan), 5. Recognize the Armenian genocide (don’t really care about this one, but he did promise it and once again he has failed to do so), 6. Fuel and food prices are… Read more »


    The problem here isn’t Obama lying, but him, like all politicians, overestimating how much power he will have over these things as president.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    which he knew before he made those claims that got him voted in


    Sorry, but Obama is Commander-in-Chief, he can remove troops from combat at a whim, but has refused to do so. He can stop the drone attacks that are killing civilians in Pakistan immediately, but has actually increased them more than Bush did. Obama did not have to send pilots over and bomb Libyans (he did get a Noble Peace Prize because he was suppose to not to start wars, remember?). He can tell the FBI not to prosecute anyone under the Patriot Act, but hasn’t. It was easy for him to recognize the need to apologize for past actions, but… Read more »


    Don’t forget, Obama promised: 1. Unemployment won’t go above 8%, but it went to 10% (still above 9%) –True 2. Close Gitmo by January 2010, (still waiting) –True 3. Repeal the Patriot Act (not only still waiting, but has actually increased enforcement of it), –/sigh, also True 4. End the wars, (not only are we still in Afghanistan and Iraq, but he has now ordered the military to kill people in Libya and Pakistan), –/sigh, Tru…..wait a minute….No he didn’t….He never said “the end of the conflict in Afghanistan OR Iraq, he claimed he would start pulling troops out of… Read more »


    I also remember when a gallon of gas was $1.89 when Obama took over and by the looks of it will easily be $5 by this summer.

    It took Bush 8 years to increase the debt level by $4 trillion (most of it when the Democrats controlled congress) and it took Obama only 2 years to do the same.

    Sorry, Obama a fucking idiot and is way out of his depth. I should do wish Hillary would have won.


    Also remember, I did say ” … we all know that Bush is evil…” so he is suppose to lie, right? Obama was suppose to be the great “Hope and Change” Messiah, but he has turned out to be a great lying failure. Latest Obama lie, after Barry made his ass-hat remark last year at the 2010 State of the Union speech about how the Supreme Court was wrong in their decision about Undisclosed Campaign Funds while standing in front of the Justices, Barry has now decided that he will now fully benefit from their ruling and raise as much… Read more »


    The problem isn’t Obama, the problem is Washington D.C.


    Yeah and Obama is the head clown in that fucking circus.


    The circus was there before he was even a blip.


    Still doesn’t make him any less a fucking clown.


    You think its so easy to fix all these problems.

    Why don’t you be president for a day and see how utterly gray everything is.

    Only in your mind and opinion are there blacks and whites, but unfortunately we live in a reality of shades of gray.


    Did you have this same attitude when Bush was president or did you discover this only after Obama took over and now Barry gets the benefit of your wise and brilliant insight?


    and everyone who put money in the stock market in 2009 is now laughing themselves all the way to the bank! … actually I’d stay out of banks, but you get the picture


    I put a lot of money (by my standards) in the stock market early 2009 for retirement. The good news is it’s doing great, the bad news is I will be spending it all on gas, groceries and taxes in coming months. Thanks Obama!


    I think it might be a joke, guys.


    Well if it was really not Obama’s fault then somebody on Wall Street would have been prosecuted by now. Right? RIGHT?! And it can’t be the House GOP members fault because they haven’t even tried to pass a jobs bill since January, but they keep trying to cut taxes for the rich.


    fuck all u guys