Video Game Expendables

expendables.jpg (75 KB)

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    In before; “X is better than Y”


    But X IS better than Y. It even comes first in the alphabet!


    You can even spell “expendables” with x. Can you do that with y? I didn’t think so.

    Widdle Wade

    This picture really is a failure without the Master Chief


    Question from a gamer ignoramus (me): Why was ^this downvoted so vigorously?


    I can only assume people don’t think highly of 13-year-old xbox kids.


    Hipster gamers. Once a video game becomes as popular as Halo, it’s no longer a good video game. But, yeah, this picture sucks as bad as the movie without the Master Chief.


    Expendables the movie is a cast of old action heroes well past their hey-day. I don’t think Master Chief qualifies, but I have no idea how popular Halo is nowadays.

    There are others in this picture that shouldn’t be there either, but I guess it looks better to pick characters that look human, and not like NES Mario.


    Interesting poster. The real Expendables 2 game was in fact nothing special – we’ve seen these kind of games thousand of times before.

    Let’s just hope that when (if) the third Expendables film is released, they will not rush to make another game based on the movie.