now I can get fat

now I can get fat

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    get that bitch fat
    bitches love getting fat


    I read about a study that said the happiest marriages are ones where the women are skinny and the men fat. They didn’t say why but the assumption was the guys wanted their wives skinny cause they looked better, and the wives wanted their husbands fat so no other women would want them. Weirdly it makes some sense . . .


    Well that’s not fucking fair. I guess I’ll just have to work my ass off to stay in shape while my husband becomes a fat piece of crap that I’m not attracted to. That’s real fair.


    LOL, I don’t make the rules. You’re just gonna have to trust him around other women lol


    Married life isn’t fair, besides once you pass the 50-60 mark neither of you keep caring, you can wait until then to get fat

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If it makes you feel any better he’ll also be making more money and working less. Plus he’s already cheating on you.




    I hate all of you, because you are stupid and depressing.


    Unfortunately it works both ways.