Lego Concentration Camp

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Lego. Concentration Camp, 1996
Set of 7 boxes of LEGO bricks, different sizes

In the upper-left corner of each box we find the following statement: “This work by Zbigniew Libera has been sponsored by Lego” – as the project was made possible thanks to the bricks presented by the polish department of the Danish company. Upon its presentation in Denmark, LEGO headquarters has launched legal complaints against the artist, however as a result of a fierce press campaign it has decided to drop the lawsuit. The controversies concerning Libera’s LEGO also appeared in Poland, yet those where of a somewhat different character. As a result the artist has refused to exhibit in the Polish pavilion at the Venetian Biennale. In the meantime the work has become an icon and – in various versions – was exhibited in galleries and museum collections across the globe. One of sets was purchased by the Jewish Museum in New York

Raster Art

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    what’s the point of this?


    To remind us of how cruel mankind can be to his fellow man?


    They have museums and memorial sites for that shit. Lego has nothing more to think of making, so they are making Lego out of any fucking thing to sell. This is basically a insult to the jews lol.

    Kik Dogg

    Did you not read the text? Can you even read? Sigh…

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