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    If you’re going to off yourself then don’t do something stupid like that. All you’re going to do is drown which is a horrible way to die. So a word of advice, if you’re going to off yourself just blow out your brains and if you’re willing to torture like in the picture here, make it as messy as possible. I do have to give this guy creativity points though.


    I see what you’re saying, but how the hell can a fish blow it’s brains out?


    As fun as it might be to see my mom’s face when she walks into the room and sees the mess I made, since I can’t be there to see it… I think I’d find some other way to off myself… like living a really long time.


    Aspixiation (not the same as an ass fixation) is supposedly one of the most humane and peaceful ways to go…




    Autoerotic asphyxiation, that’s the way to go!


    i almost drown’d twice before i was 11


    “Autoerotic asphyxiation”? People like that want stringing up!


    I didn’t even think suicide when I looked at this pic. I thought it was 2 beings trying to be together; though obviously they would die if they succeeded. but I didn’t think that suicide was the main point.


    I saw this picture a few years ago… and it really is about suicide… idk WHY it was given an assinine name like ‘soul mates’.


    Exacerbate, blowing your brains out is really an ass hole thing to do. Someone has to clean up that mess.

    Also, you could just end up a veggy.

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