Cheap Airline Flight

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    Absurd enough to be funny, realistic enough to make you go “OH SHIT.”


    Capitalism, gotta love it.


    Just what I was thinking.


    It’s this type of greed that makes me angry.


    Why would you get mad, you “make” money.


    Because they are taking advantage of people. They have no choice.

    It’s the same thing at the movie theater.

    Basically it’s how they make money, but it’s poor customer service in the sense that it’s almost like being conned.


    Ryan Air, for those who haven’t spent time in Europe, is an airline where you can get flights from Rome to London for €20. Their flight crew gets jack. (Germany, and a number of other countries, don’t have minimum wage. We’re very progressive in that way). Something like this on that airline wouldn’t surprise me.


    Joking or not, it was Ryan Air that considered charging a fee to use the bathroom during your flight.


    Yea me and a friend saw flight to Amsterdam from the UK – it was £7 out and £13 back – £20. I’m not stupid enough to think it would be £20 and thats it, but when you got to the final price it came to £110. Thats £90 for things like “do you want a seat” “would you like to board the plane” “please chip in for the fuel” “the pilot will need wages”.

    If you have a product, don’t tell me what it costs you, tell me what it costs me.


    Was on a private chartered Ryan Air flight in America (looks at the Army).

    I have never been so concerned I was going to die in a jet crash in my life (I’ve flow a dozen times).

    When we landed. We hit hard. Not like a rough touch down, but like the tires hit the runway, and the frame bottomed out on the suspension and the jet tipped heavily to one side.

    was not so thrilled….

    Karatesaurus Rex

    My wife and I flew from London to Cork Ireland on Ryan Air for a total of 12 pound… 5 per bag, 1 per person… the only thing that was odd about the flight was the soccer riot boarding methods and the 60 year old Irish woman that came on the plane weeping and shouting about her rights being violated by security. Otherwise, twas a great flight…