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a herd of wild snorlax appears!

(snorlaxes? snorlaxi? snorlaxen?)

Brevity Truta

It’s surreal, almost, and that makes it more disturbing that plain ol’ surreal could ever be.

How’s the one in the back even there? And the butterfly flowerbed, ahahaha. What is Dollywood, anyway? Dolly Parton’s fake ranch?


Put down the god-damn food!

It’s amazing how many people blame their genetics for their weight problem and not the 4000 calorie a day diet they eat.

btw, Dollywood is an amusement park owned by Dolly Parton, and has you can see, it is enjoyed by the obese.


The harpoons, man them.


Roll ’em in flour, easier to find mooseknuckle.

Chalk lines work good too.


I’d hit it with the force of an starving african.

Lord Cocksworth

@ gor:

Genetics do have some effect, since a full-on endomorph will never have the same figure as an ectomorph.

That said, creatures like this can only be created through serious gorging, fat-suits, or nightmares.


They have this portrait on the wall of the souvenir shop. If you can guess the total number of chins in the picture, you get your portrait for free!