maybe rewriting history

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its an interesting view

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    This. It would make my aunt scream “Hellfire!”


    Its kinda funny how christianity uses the crucifixion device as its symbol. Even worse when there is a model of a dying dude attached. Its like ‘here’s Jesus, he’s a great role model and all, but if you follow him too closely we’ll string you up’. Kinda passive aggressive. From a history so rich and varied the best symbol of what made Christ special is a torture device? Yes I know he died… but FFS everybody dies, its nothing special. What symbol would they use if he hadn’t been killed? Would he even be worshipped if he had lived to… Read more »


    “Would he even be worshipped if he had lived to a ripe old age?”

    No, and that’s the point.


    So…. you’re saying its ok to kill people?


    I don’t know if I agree, so many religions mention Jesus – he’d still be an archetype of spiritual evolution. Like the Dali Lama or summit. But here’s the big question: what year would it be today??? The fact we base our modern calendar on ‘years passed since Jebus’ is such a mind blower to me.


    No, it’s very not OK to kill a people, but you’re still missing the point, I’m afraid.


    Actually the early church and to some degree the modern church used the fish as a symbol the “Jesus Fish” actually predates the cross as a Christian representation. It was often used as a secret symbol to show a place or person was safe. Because even saying you were a follower of Christ was enough to be punished at one point. I always thought it was funny that the cross is used. The comedian Doug Stanhope says it’s like using a rifle to represent JFK. As a Christian myself I prefer to think of the life of Christ rather than… Read more »


    Yeah I like the fish better. You are totally right – Jesus should be remembered for his life, and (many) Christians are as mad as a bad of monkeys.

    >The comedian Doug Stanhope says it’s like using a rifle to represent JFK.

    That is brilliant.


    you’re missing the point of Christianity. it’s not that he died, it’s that he was resurrected. that is why the cross is revered.


    I know that. So that you may have ever lasting life.

    But what I mean (without getting into debate) is that in Christianity the point isn’t just that he died. But that we learn to live as he did. Don’t be a dick, show love and live to honor your faith.

    I don’t think I missed the point at all, but I try to have a wider view of the point.


    Yeah this is kinda what I’m saying – the point of Christianity (if you ask many Christians) is that he died for us and was then resurrected. This is coming from a faith that doesn’t believe in re-incarnation (which is SOOO different to resurrection). How are these two ideas helpful to anyone? What do I care how and why he died (or didn’t). It’s his life that is important.

    Also…. were you resurrected nate?


    no, faggos, you were waxing poetic on why christians used the cross as a symbol. SO TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS, i pointed out that it was because of the resurrection, not the death.

    also, in order for me to be resurrection, i would have to have died first. and it has never been proven that i can actually die. so no, i have not been resurrected


    All I know is that if I were Jesus and I was driving past one of those churches that just have the cross I’d be a little freaked out.

    That’s why I like Catholic crosses. They have the fake Jesus on there to make you feel guilty. The empty crosses just scream “VACANCY”, and if I were Jesus I’d be concerned.


    yeeaaaa I know about the resurrection I was just pointing out that it sucks as a symbol.

    Waxing poetic? Thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me…. dammit I’m welling up…


    “Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?”


    Jesus Christ



    OPEN YOUR EYESssssss

    Kik Dogg



    Look up to the sky and seeeeee!


    I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy


    Because I’m easy come, easy go


    Little high, little low


    Yeah! Or what if he had a prolapse?