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I had my first cappuccino the other day. Hated it. I prefer hot chocolate or a mocha.

tiki god

coffee is awesome. I have a liter of it every morning.


I am also one of the weird ones that don’t drink coffee. 🙁


As am I, coffee tastes like dirt. Unless it has milk in it, then it tastes like milky dirt.


americano, fuck yea


I like coffee, just not -strong- coffee. And it has to have milk and sugar in it. Chocolate’s fine, too. No nutty flavors, though. For some reason, when you combine the taste of coffee and almonds, some weird taste comes out that disgusts me.


But Coffee and Hazelnut is pure bliss.


Triple Espresso FTMFW!


If I have no other choice, coffee with tons of cream and sugar, or french vanilla cappucino. Those Starbucks french vanilla frappucinos you can get at gas stations in the refrigerated areas aren’t too bad either.

I prefer carbonated beverages like Mountain Dew, Coke, Dr Pepper, etc.


Italian coffee guide. There are more/different ways of serving it.


somehow this looks korean to me.

in korea, for some reason, you can not get any coffee drinks that don’t consist of espresso+X .. like a big cup of filter coffee.
oh, no, there is one, acutally: instant coffee. 😉


Instant coffee is coffee in name only.


Wtf @ you dumbasses discussing coffee


caffè breve and caffè mocha are wrong


How are they wrong?
A Cafeé Mocha is a latte with chocolate syrup.
A Caffé Brevé is a latte with steamed half & half instead of milk.

Also, the accent mark on the “e” is acute, not grave


I have always hated coffee, but then I tasted Cappuccino. That I actually like. And ice coffee! Caffe mocca is okey too, but some places make it reeeeally sweet. A friend tipped be about a not so sweet type, and I loved it! Caffe Latte is the most disgusting (coffee-related)thing I know, at least the ones I have tasted.. I actually like coffe flavoured candy too.. But give me a cup of black coffee? No. Yuck.


My sister told me a few years ago, “With enough cream and sugar, coffee tastes like candy.”


But at some point it ceases to be coffee and becomes coffee tainted cream & sugar. I’d imagine you pass that point to make it taste like candy.


As the Beastie Boys said, “I like my sugar with coffee & cream!”


Today I had a co-worker attempt to make me one of those star bucks double shot in a can.

It was a double shot, milk, and a pack of sugar and cream. Didn’t taste the same. Anybody know how to make them?


this looks familiar