RIP Gary Coleman

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    coleman was a deformed midget freak, obama is a half-black freak



    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    ^this 2nd’d

    downvote my pretty pink anus you fucking half wit retards


    Well ok, if you want to get downvoted, I’ll indulge you.


    No wonder he died …. he looks ill


    WTF? This isn’t even Gary Coleman. It’s Danny Glover you morans.


    Wait, this is who people want to be the new Spiderman? What the hell?


    R.I.P. sense of humor

    Luke Magnifico

    Bruce Willis is not dead, guise.


    I don’t want Obama dead, because he is a dad and I wouldn’t want his wife and kids to suffer. I just want his communist ass thrown out of office before he turns the greatest country in the world into some third world african shit hole.


    greatest country? wow i never saw that one coming.


    If it’s so terrible, then why the hell are people trying so hard to get in? It’s so chic to be down on the US, but then again I guess if I lived in some other armpit of country, Id be jealous of all of this freedom and economic prosperity we enjoy in the U.S. too.

    Then again when we have pussy leaders like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, it does make us look bad.

    tiki god

    I love that old myth that people are just lining up to “try to get in”. The only reason there are lines is that our immigration system is completely fucked and it takes 5 years for your application to get processed.


    Well, if it’s so fucking hard to get in, then why do people bother? Why is there a waiting list?


    people make lines and risk their lives to enter in Italy… Which, I can tell you, is not the greatest country in the world… So, are they retarded?
    Or you are?


    Greatest country as in easy to be a fat ass and let the mexicans do all the work and then complain about them.


    If by “work” you mean crime, then yeah.


    Do try to remember that Mexico and the UK are very close behind the US on obesity… USA isn’t the first there by much. Given the higher poverty rates in Mexico, you’d think they’d be more deserving of mockery for their obesity rates.


    Greatest country as in, most of the freedom that exists in the world was, at one time or another bought with American blood. What other country can you say that about? Colombia?

    If not for the sacrifice of (mostly) American soldiers, this world would be a much darker more dangerous place. You can spout cunt-faced America-hating rhetoric all you want, but it does not change the FACT that but for US blood spilled abroad, vast portions of the world would not know the freedom that they know now.


    You’re damn right! These GD america hating Liberals can’t stand that fact, which is why they elect GD liberal senators and congress men and women who try and deball the military at every turn.

    Fact, Liberals hate america. It’s funny though, none of them have the balls to move to somewhere like China or Iran. Yet they are trying their hardest to turn this country into a shit hole like China or Iran.


    If you’re serious, you are an idiot.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You are not allowed to think for yourself. The SS will be at your door soon.


    Liberal nutcase assholes

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its only the greatest country while it has the least government and that’s dying daily.

    But try convincing the bottom feeders of that.

    Hey assholes, if you want/need free health care cause you’re so scared of the world and can’t pay for your own shit just come to Canada. We have no lines and no waiting. I mean we’re being bankrupted already by Indians and Chinks doing just that so why not let some human beings benefit?

    All it costs us is all our money, culture, future…


    If only




    I find these work better when the dead guy and the one pictured are possible to mix up. Like the polish prime minister one, I had no idea what that guy looked like, but I knew just enough to know to recognise the guy pictured and know it wasn’t him. Or if there is someone else famous who looks like them. On the “loads of people want to come here therefore it’s great” argument. If there is genocide in Sudan, lots of people will want to go to Ethiopia, doesn’t mean it’s a great place. It just means somewhere sucks… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I suggested Webster in another post.

    This one only serves to aggravate the dipshits who worship that political figurehead like a Jebus. Which is kind of better.


    Just his mere image seems to have aggravated the dipshits who worship a different political figurehead first :p