reject all religious superstitions

reject all religious superstitions

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    I don’t believe in a bunch of those things, but I respect your right to believe them. How is making me less tolerant going to make this world a better place?

    OH WAIT I forgot. Religion is the only divisive influence.

    fracked again

    It doesn’t say reject superstitious people, just superstitions.


    because the sooner we get rid of religion, the better off we will be.

    religion is the cause of much of the world’s racism, sexism, war, and much more.

    religion is also the champion cause against things like scientific/medical progress, civil rights, etc.


    In today’s world, this may be true. Religion does seem to have outlived its usefulness beyond (a) providing personal illusions of security and (b) justifying otherwise unjustifiable biases against others. However, I do imagine that religion as a whole had good intentions (beyond scaring the shit out of people until they give you all their money and control over them, of course) and was the root cause of things like the desire for (and belief in the realistic attainment of) civil liberties, peaceful resistance, equality, etc. Then again, I can’t really pinpoint where it all went wrong because even the… Read more »


    “because the sooner we get rid of (X), the better off we will be. (X) is the cause of much of the world’s racism, sexism, war, and much more. (X) is also the champion cause against things like scientific/medical progress, civil rights, etc.” X={nationalism, patriotism, greed, politics, stereotypes, gender roles, money, the bourgeoisie, pride, white people…} You really have to have a loose grasp of the world around you and human beings to in order to think getting rid of religion instantly makes the world better. The Psalmist said that God hates those who love violence. Isaiah foretold of a… Read more »


    I like reincarnation, that would be cool. If any religious ideas actually exist I hope it is that one.


    As much as I, personally, don’t resonate with any claims that a supernatural force will provide me with infinite quantities of the two things humans cannot psychologically live without hope of maintaining (safety (God), survival (Immortal Soul)) — I resonate even less with the idea that the world would be a better place without such claims for people to cling to.

    I don’t even want to think of the fucked up world we’d live in if people without any other reason to be altruistic weren’t bound by an irrecoverable fear of eternal damnation.

    ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!


    Consider it done. Now we just have to wait for the people that are slow to catch on.

    Ya…because those are what makes the world suck and were not created to help guide people towards civility?

    Get a brain.

    Let’s just get rid of any moral centre at all…that will..make the world…safer?

    Grow the fuck up lol


    There are superior ways to teach morality, namely secular ones.

    Also, religion doesn’t make a person more moral, so your argument kind of fails there.

    People without silly superstitions are the ones that have grown up.


    my religion (and, yes, it is a religion, unlike athiesm, which is a lack of religion) doesn’t believe in any of those things, as fact.


    Religious bigotry and a false sense of superiority is alive and well at this site. Merry Christmas haters.

    Have an Evil day


    You too, I couldn’t tell if that comment was pro-religion or anti-religion though, you need to be clearer


    “Religious bigotry” is the bigotry of the religious. Not what you were implying. Don’t be upset though, it’s not like it’s the only thing you’re wrong about. If you are referring to the atheist attitude towards believers the “superiority” isn’t false. It’s the superiority of the knowledgeable over the deluded, the thinkers over the believers, the sane over the insane. Damn right we’re superior, and that superiority should always be “alive and well” and on display so the deluded can see that theirs isn’t the only opinion. Happy Holidays (You know, the ones you absorbed into your ideology from other… Read more »


    It must be frustrating as hell to be an atheist in a world full of believers and their religious superstitions.

    Personally, I don’t know if one can be more moral with or without faith. Humans are flawed beings at best so the most flawed will no doubt be immoral either way. But why should anyone care what path a person takes toward morality, as long as they take one?

    fracked again

    Because religions tend to pick things that don’t harm anybody and call them horrible sins, then try to make everybody else follow their rules. Because religions get in the way of scientific progress. But most of all, because religions tell you not to sin, but if you do, just apologize and its all good. There is no personal responsibility or responsibility to society inherent in the act of seeking forgiveness from your imaginary friend.


    Christianity considers it moral to mutilate genitalia, sacrifice children and it’s against religious freedom.

    Why should anyone care about that, as long as someone out there call it morality?

    Because you can call anything morality, especially if it’s coupled with a religion.



    I do think, korinthian. I just don’t think like you which annoys the hell out of you.


    Small correction:
    I just don’t think, which annoys the hell out of you.


    We are moral so we create (erroneous) religions.
    Religions do not create morals.

    And about that morality/religion thing:
    Did Jesus ever say slavery should be abolished?
    No. He said, Hey, treat your slaves well.
    What a great guy! That’s exactly what the son of God (uh, or son of Himself, he’s the– nevermind) would say!