Let the Gravity Out

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    I just hope they stop drilling & fill the hole back up if they find an ancient alien pyramid.


    I pulled out all of the gravity when I had sex with his mom.


    You thought you knew the face of stupid, then youtube and facebook came knocking.


    But if they just let SOME of the gravity out, cars would weight less and we’d all get better mileage!


    It’s a troll, he’s from collegehumor.com

    Dr. Seuss

    As a person who was forced to sit through a few physics lectures, I can safely attest that this notion of “drilling out” the gravity “out of the earth”, has the same merit of some of the more respected theories.
    The thing to remember is, that if you give a mathematician some money – not much mind you since they are a starving lot – I bet he’ll pull some number off to prove this one… Hell, give him tenure and he’ll dedicate the rest of his life to defending it against the other stuff out there.

    Flood basalts would leak out of the earth’s core outer layer like oceans of molten iron and the sediment held in it would shift and possibly cause a reversal of the magnetic fields. I guess the troll was working off of that theory and being a fucker about it. Good job, anonymous funny man.


    1) that’s an obvious troll 2) ken m is a notorious troll

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