devil fish

devil fish

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    do want!


    It’s hieroglyphics. It means “Wheat, wheat, wheat”… wait… that don’t make sense! What?


    Back when I was disgruntled post-grad, I had a sticker of the jesus-fish variety that instead had horns & a spiked tail, and said “SATAN” inside of it. It lasted a week on my car before some pious fucker peeled it off.


    666 definately. Didn’t see it the first time thru.

    Alec Dalek

    I always thought those we’re lit doobies on Christian cars. I mean if they believe stuff like Christianity you’d figure they gotta be smoking something, right?


    You got the “smokin something” part right. Couple weeks ago I was picking out some lights in Lowes (home improvement store), and some kid comes up to me asking if I knew where I was going when I died and if I’d come to accept Jesus as my savior. I said no, I’ve some for paint and light fixtures, ask me again on sunday.

    fracked again

    Wow. That is awesome.


    Three mutant Jesus fish makes a devil fish? who wouldathunkit…