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    25 Responses ttto 500 Million Dollars Later

    1. tomrdcinc says:

      Nothing about that comment is true. Her hubby was found guilty and lost his law license. Democrats would vote for the devil if they got their handouts.

    2. RalphTheDog says:

      Poor Bill. No law license. Career Over. #fucked.

    3. wizjob says:

      You poor idiots wouldn’t know a corrupt to the core system, defending the kingpin, backed by an obviously biased media, trying to save it’s own ass, covered in decades of scandal, greed and conspiracies if it walked into your home and took away your civil liberties right in front of your stupid faces.

      The saddest part is you actually believe the past 8 years have been good for America because you don’t bother to leave your own echo chamber spoon fed to you from CNN, and now you want a continuation of those same destructive policies. It truly shows how you can feel comfortable ignoring the fact that if it walks like a duck and smells like a duck, it must be a duck. It makes me physically ill to know that so many Americans are this ignorant and couldn’t be bothered to think on their own.

      So, go put your heads back in the sand, and while you’re there, why don’t you do us all a favor and forget to breath.

    4. wizjob says:

      I almost forgot to leave this here.


    5. skndrbg says:

      Oh look … here’s a witch hunt which turned up something…

      .. really really hard to find though so the confusion is understandable. It was on a darknet website called “Youtube”.

      • wizjob says:

        Right now I’m picturing most people on this site watching this with their fingers in their ears singing “LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!!!”

      • tiki god says:

        what exactly did he find? did you even watch that video? I’ve heard that tone of voice before, back when a parent is lecturing a child but end up being wrong about the whole thing.

        it’s 6 minutes of him saying she sent emails, which isn’t up for debate, everyone knows she did, she admits she did. come back when you have something of substance.

        • wizjob says:

          She lied during a federal investigation, OVER AND OVER.

          She destroyed THIRTY THOUSAND emails AFTER a subpoena was received for those emails.

          She used Bleach bit on her servers before handing them over. Then she LAUGHED during the questioning saying, “wiped? what, like with a cloth?”

          She destroyed 18 cell phones and tablets with FUCKING HAMMERS, not to mention the fact that she lied and said she only used one.

          I could go on and on and on. She is an absolute disaster and you don’t want to know the truth and wouldn’t believe it if she said it herself. Even then, you’d probably still vote for her.


          • tiki god says:

            What you’re not including in that though is the context. Here’s some context: All state department employees over a particular clearance level are required by law to physically destroy their phones after they use them.

            Doesn’t seem so insidious now does it? Especially when it turns out she didn’t actually destroy the phones herself, but the data security team for the State did.

            • wizjob says:

              For some reason I was not able to reply to your “sandpaper” comment above so I’ll do it here.

              Like I said earlier, you can show me your stats and i can show you mine. Neither of us is going to accept the opposing source. You may sit there and think my sources are a joke, but I’m sitting on my side thinking the exact same thing about yours. So I’m done with that particular argument.

              As for this part of the thread, here is some context. You seem to have ignored some context I used in my comment above. She did/had someone do all of the data destruction AFTER A SUBPOENA. ANY other person in history would have been brought up on charges for tampering with evidence, hindering a federal investigation and still be sitting in a jail cell, forget running for office, let alone president.

              That stupid bitch ran a fucking government email server from her HOUSE with shit joke security when she KNEW it wasn’t allowed. Her server was hacked by so many people it’s ridiculous. Who knows what other people of power hold over her head now. What decisions can they sway?

              Thank GOD Wiener backed up all of Uma’s emails. Perhaps the proof will reveal itself there… oh… but you won’t care. You’ll just chalk it up to the GREAT RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY! I can’t think of one political figure in history that has more skeletons in the closet, real or circumstantial, than Hillary Clinton. To ignore it all or claim people are just out to get her is just ignorant.

            • tiki god says:

              [edit, I looked into it and moved the comment]

              There’s unfortunately a limit to how many comments deep wordpress will go, something that I should likely look into modifying.

              The problem with comparing the two sources is that one is batshit crazy insane and the “others” is that they’re NOT batshit crazy. If you find yourself agreeing with crazy people all the time, what does that say about your viewpoints? You’ve run back to the same silly arguments and points that have been refuted so many times.

              Key point you ran back to this time was the mail server, which you incorrectly assert was a goverment email server, and incorrect assert wasn’t allowed. It was a personal email server, and it was permitted by federal law. Frowned upon, but not illegal. You also incorrectly assert that the machine was hacked, which has never been even remotely proven by anyone involved in the investigation.

              All you have is a bunch of FUD.

    6. wizjob says:

      Forget about the server itself then. How about the lies under oath? How about destroying evidence after the subpoena? How about the absolutely unethical and extremely careless nature in which she and her administration handled classified material. Classified material was backed up to Anthony Wieners laptop under a folder called “Life Insurance” for fucks sake!

      You’re so quick to focus on what you believe to be batshit crazy (when me and millions of others wholeheartedly disagree with you on that point) and ignore other damming evidence right in front of you. All you have is a bunch of deflection and misdirection.

      You want to think that people like Rush Limbaugh and Herman Cain are batshit crazy and have no idea what they are talking about because it scares the shit out of you that after all these years of laughing at them behind veiled impressions of who you believe they are, fueled by the narrative of the left, they might actually have been right all along. I use them as an example because because they teach people to look past the deflection and misdirection spewed by the left that is absorbed by the ever growing population of dumb-masses in this country. People who are willing to believe any left wing stat placed in front of them. Information gathered by a left wing analytical group funded by a left wing special interest group with a left wing agenda.

      Look, we could go at this until we run out of room on this page but I tire of this. You have already demonstrated in true ignorant liberal fashion that there is no amount of evidence I can put in front of you that you wont try to discredit by calling batshit crazy because a liberal source said they were, or just outright ignore and deflect onto something else that I consider to be batshit crazy (as well as millions of other Americans and non from around the world would agree). I weep for America under 8 more years of dangerous, failed, liberal policy with misrepresented results bolstered by an obviously corrupt and paid off mainstream media that has some sort of hypnotic strangle hold on such a great portion of the most weak minded of America, those of which I fear now represent the majority. I guess time will tell… unless Hillary starts a nuclear war with Russia… I hope then you be able to hear ghostly calls echoing in through the nuclear winter, permeating your mind: “I told you so…”

      All this aside, I want to thank you for the hard work you put into this site. I’ve been a lurker for about 8 years and really only comment occasionally, but visiting MCS has become part of my morning ritual when I get to work; to scroll through and catch up on new content added since yesterday morning. It can sometimes be difficult for a conservative like myself to wade through some of the heavily weighted left leaning material and commentators, but I mostly enjoy it non-the-less. Props to you for keeping it going for as long as you have and keeping it full of interesting stuff, I know it’s hard work.

      • tiki god says:

        Lie under oath would be an excellent thing to look into! If only there had been any kind of investigation, perhaps a federal inquiry of some sort. You incorrectly state that there’s classified materials on the Wiener laptop, when there’s been no indication of what’s in there. it could be horse porn for all we know. maybe it’s nuclear launch codes. we won’t know until the investigation is over and depositions are given.

        I know the poeple you mentioned are ignorant hate mongers, all I have to do is see what they’ve said in the past about people, from their race baiting comments to the mocking people with disabilities.

        So far you’ve brought up a LOT of things that had no evidence, or only a glimmer of evidence. Grasping at straws and then pointing to other people around you that are grasping at the same straws isn’t evidence of any particular conspiracy, just evidence that B.T. Barnum was right.

        The most jarring statement anyone can make in this election cycle is this: ” I weep for America under 8 more years of dangerous, failed, liberal policy”. The past 8 years have been rough, but they’ve been nothing but upwardly mobile. Nothing during the past 8 years has been a catastrophic failure and the government been to (just barely) get us out of the Great Recession. They were just barely able to save the local auto manufacturers. They were just barely able to get more people insurance. Yes, there’s things to improve, but there’s nothing to indicate that the world has ended while a democrat was president and there’s nothing to indication that it will get any worse if we continue to have a democrat in office.

        I’m happy you’ve gotten off the Lurking bench, it’s great to have interactions with users! Having these things thrown in my face makes me look for the evidence and makes me broaden my political viewpoints.

        I’m just looking forward to when HRC appoints Barack Obama to the SCOTUS. That’s really set the country on fire, lol.

    7. RepairmanJackX says:

      Well, it’s been two years, lets hear WizJob sound off some more on how bad Hillary Clinton is…

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