Do you know how i know your a star trek geek


That is how i know…

i found that on my way home from band practice, it was on a car. thats just wrong

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    You mean Qa’pla?


    “MrPsychic on September 17th, 2007 11:38 pm

    You mean Qa’pla?”

    Another way i can tell you are a star trek geek.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Both are correct, but have different meanings. Qa’pla is Klingon for “success”. Qua’pla is Klingon for “Bite me”. Subtle, but important, differences.
    Much like “your” and “you’re” in the English language, which apparently Cargen hasn’t yet mastered.


    there’s something wrong here, mmmmmm ahh battlestar galactica is soooo much better than star trek, there discuss.


    Voyager was a kickass series.


    reboot=coolness. Anyone who would waste their time on a fictional (or even on a dead) language like that is wicked cool. ‘Yeah I could learn a real language, but why bother? It’s not as COOL!’ HAHA FTW Anyways, there some other ways that mispronouncing things in Klingon can get you in big trouble too. My spelling/transliteration in Klingon is not too good, so I won’t try. But to say “Yes, Sir” is similar to “Yes, worm”. ( it’s generally not safe to insult a superior) “Disable His/Her gun” is similar to “Disable His/Her nose” “Show me your fist” (those being… Read more »


    Kirk is better than Picard? oooo, lets see how this one escalates!! lol.

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