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Doesn’t it look like Kirby??


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    I heard that even minor accidents in those things can be fatal. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?


    : nope, no truth to it. In fact it is safer than your huge-ass SUV or pick-up truck due to a monocoque construction with a bit of crumple zone on the outside.


    Maybe, but it’s infinitely more shitty and makes you look like a complete tool. I’ve read articles about their poor quality of parts and construction as well as bad planning concerning making maintenance easy.


    Wow -dumb shit should research before he says something stupid like its safer then a hugeass SUV.. Learn about G-forces and the superstrong structure of this car. now drive one and smash it into a wall at 70 mph.. the g-forces WILL kill you.(9-11gs your neck).ur crumple zone is too 3 inches.. ill take my huge ass SUV and smash it all day long..and drive away.. -conclusion- if your a pussy tool that doesn’t drive over 30mph-this car is for you! if you drive a deadly route on a hellish freeway everyday..well.. choose wisely.

    fracked again

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