How Conspiracy Theories Are Shaping the 2020 Election–and Shaking the Foundation of American Democracy

Democracy relies on an informed public responding to real-life facts. But a growing number of Americans are untethered from reality.


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    Nothing in the Time article about the long running conspiracy theory about how Trump is Putin’s bitch. Great balance there, MSM.


    Speaking of someone untethered from reality…


    let’s see his taxes….


    malcove, let me get you up to speed. from the senate V5 report last month, again repubs tried to clear trump. but that didn’t quite happen. you can read the report here, have someone read it to you..twice.

    one more thing in the report, now we know trump lied to investigators too. in his written deposition. its in the report. TIK TOK


    The entire point — which flew over your apparently balloon sized head — was that the Left has their own beautiful collection of conspiracy theories too (the Russian Prostitute / Pee tapes, the Antifa riots were started by white supremacists, Wisconsin purposely created crowded conditions at Milwaukee polling places during the primary in order to infect voters, etc).

    Anyways, we’re off the front pages and I have to get back to work at my troll farm, so I’ll leave this here ->

    tiki god

    you may call them conspiracy theories, but all the things you mentioned were reported and verified by trusted organizations.



    realclearscience blog well good for you, you found a blog that agrees with your views. LOLZ.

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