Racist Dress

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    How is this racist?




    But he’s white. Hanging white people is perfectly OK.


    You’re racist for assuming it’s a nigger. Take a closer look, his head is as pale as the sky behind it.


    Could be a jew, lots of jews are white. That outfit and the wearer look Argentinian. Lots of nazis went to Argentina after the war.

    Still, why the hell would anyone wear anything that has something like that on it? Other than to say “we hang fuckers round these here parts.”?

    Alec Dalek

    As usual, not racist, just stupid.


    She does look to be Argentinean.

    Therefore she is Hispanic who appears to support hanging white folks.

    Is that not racist?

    BTW, can someone explain the thinking behind this “hate crime” law? Murder seems to be a clear crime. How does it become worse if the killer is also a racist?


    I am not sure whether this is rascist, but I am fairly sure it is still just wrong.


    Who cares about the dress, let’s see what’s under it.


    How stupid do you have to be to assume that of all the hangings in history, you’d think they were ALL black guys killed by white guys out of racial hate?


    Hmm. Without knowing whose faces those are depicted in other parts of the skirt, I’m not sure we’re looking at what we think we’re looking at.

    I see a lot of Catholic iconography here — a rosary, and medieval cruciform shapes — so it’s possible the dress is a political comment on the rapacious nature of Catholicism, particularly in Latin American nations.

    It’s certainly striking, but to call it “racist” is itself a bit of a racist declaration, or at least arrogant and ignorant. Without more information, we’re just jumping to conclusions about the meaning of the images.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    If it’s a white guy it’s not racist!?!

    I love it!

    If its a white guy its just justice for all the atrocities white people have committed while building the first world.

    Fuck whitey!

    If that were a black guy this would have been front page news coast to coast with crying welfare cases and Al Sharpton blubbering about reparations and other stupid shit.


    hate crimes are those committed on the basis of race or sexual orientation alone. Murder can have other motivations like money or buttfucking but a hate crime is committed by a straight white person against another person because they’re either not white or straight.

    also see: bullshit


    actually shes from Mexico, her skirt depicts mexican history, so that is a scene from either the war for independence or the 1910 revolution, and thats probably just a revolutionary hanged, so don’t get your panties in a knot guys, this aint racist


    mexican indeed, and is an illustration of the 1910 revolution.
    Also om nom nom nom


    mmm damn those mexicans for hangind mens so they can dress their pretty girls.


    The only way this would be racist would be if it was racist against the human race.


    It’s simply ridiculous, and kinda creepy.


    This is the most badass piece of womans clothing i have ever seen. I would marry any woman who would wear that dress.


    its not creepy think of it as a way they have to remember those who died for the liberty of all of them. its like that paint of washington.


    It’s entirely possible that the hanged men were soldiers or a rebel fighters and the dress is a salute to their sacrifice in the cause of freedom.

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