Eco friendly vodka

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    I’ll try it. If its gross, well, hey at least I can recycle the bottle and the paper.


    If they really wanted to be earth friendly, they’d recycle the vodka too.

    Teutonic Logic

    If they really wanted to be earth friendly they would liquadate the company, fire the employees and stoping producing Vodka.


    As long is it pollutes me then it’s all good


    it’s definitely not the only one claiming to be eco friendly…and also not the first…I don’t remember what it is, but a semi-local brand also makes that claim…I’ll have to track it down 🙁 too bad it wasn’t very good


    Again, what is the point? If it can’t clean pipes and polish metal, what good is it? Srsly…


    So now alcahol is ecofriendly? Are you fucking kidding me?


    You know i SAW this at my local liquor store a month or so back, it was hard to stop laughing about it, kept me smiling for hours thinking about the “eco-friendly” booze


    What a joke. I’d love to know how they got their ‘figures’.



    Do you know where to find different Snake wine ? I already own this one:

    Thanks for help.

    (by the way I found your website on Google when looking for Snake wine bottles)


    Yuk it up all ya want, but the stuff you buy actually comes from *somewhere*: every product – even the fun ones like booze- is the end result of a long chain of material inputs that may or may not be more or less “ecofriendly.”

    Debate the validity of the term, debate its definition, sure, but spare us the “what’ll they think of next?”

    Hate to be the soapbox guy, but.. /soapbox