The ultimate sex chart

sex.png (170 KB)

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    WTF? popping zits is a fetish?

    fracked again

    If not, Japan will make it one…

    tiki god

    it’s not necessarily a sexual one, but yes. yes it is. some people just can’t fucking resist popping a zit.

    it’s gross and often misunderstood, but there it is. being popped.


    Perhaps this is a sign that I’ve stared far to long and to deeply into the internet, but it seems to be lacking several more common fetishes. Transgender transformation, futanari, and monstergirls are absent, if I’m reading this right.


    Its about sex not porn.

    Monstergirls would probably come under animal transforamtion/fur/vore depending on your thing.

    Futa can fit under any section.

    And notice the symbol in the key for “may involve cross-dressing”? TG transformation would have some crossover with these.


    Ah. That makes sense.

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