AoA Mutants

AoA Mutants

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    Yes!! Beautiful!

    tiki god

    Xavier had just been killed in the main series when my fuck face of a father took away all my comics, and I wasn’t able to read any more comics until about 6 months later.

    ugh. maybe this is why I have such a hardon for comic books still, trying to satisfy that kid in me that had them all taken away?


    @tiki god: Were you being punished for something, or was it a “these things’ll rot your brain” measure?

    tiki god

    both. “these have rotted your brain, causing you do do that bad thing you did”


    @tiki god: You hit the nail right on the head, that is exactly why you are trying to satisfy the kid in you. If anything comic books should be given with enthusiasm and in abundance to boys, it is pivotal to their growth! I second that statement, your father was a fuck face in that respect.


    I just started reading this series…it’s pretty good.


    @tiki god: You missed out. That was the last good X-Men series in the 90’s. After this was a precarious drop in quality that made me quit comics ’til I discovered Transmetropolitan in college.


    I was able to finish the whole series.. my expectations were high during that time because I had just read Watchmen, but even so.. this stuff was pretty good and it did not disappoint 😀