Welcome to the Vatican

Vatican_Welcome_Sign.jpg (82 KB)

Oddly enough, not any mention of keeping hands off the altar boys

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    HAHAHA- no women! the church is awsome.

    bright green

    Those crafty popes they got it all worked out.


    There is no kitchen in the vatican, so there rightly should be no women there either.


    No Booze? I guess there’s a loophole with the whole “blood of christ” thing.


    natedog: if there are no women… who washes the popes clothes?


    Note to self:

    When visiting the Vatican, befriend female midget. Hide in suitecase, sneak in.

    Also, wouldn’t wine aka the blood of Christ qualify as booze?

    Frank McColbert

    I ate a pizza in the Vatikan. They have a kitchen. Trust me. Damn good pizza.


    no woman? no booze? no smoking ? Sounds like a party! Where do i sign up.

    Alec Dalek

    Awesome! If there’s no women, booze, or smoking there, then that means there’s much more women, booze, and smoking here!


    JazzyJazzyJazzHands: No, sacramental wine wouldn’t classify as alcohol. Catholics believe in transubstantiation; the wine and wafer literally become the blood and body of Christ.


    Must be true, I recognise the industrial architecture the Vatican is famous for….oh and its in english. The Vaticans in Slough right?

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