Amish Beach

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    Could be Mennonites.


    Is this supposed to be funny? Maybe if you are young and haven’t passed a 15 year old maturity level.

    They dress like that because they respect their bodies and themselves and probably recognize how females of today slut themselves and their bodies out and don’t want to be like them.

    They also probably don’t care if they have a tan or not, as they aren’t self centered and their appearance means nothing to them.

    tiki god

    I love you casemods


    Stop being a douche casemods. The point of the picture? We’re just looking at cultural differences, you’re the only one who jumped to the conclusion that anyone would find this funny.


    *Hug casemods* pornoperson posted no disrespectful captions or comments with this picture. No one else has made any totally off the wall comments. Some people rarely (or never) see Amish/Mennonites/other Anabaptists. There is a lot of mis-information and false stereotypes about their culture and their religion. Growing up in the Juniata Valley, a good percentage of my neighbors were Amish/Mennonite and it is not at all uncommon to see them at the grocery store/gas station/bank, or for me to shop at one of their stores. When we bought a house near where I grew up, these were things my wife… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    The one furthest to the right is showing a delicious amount of leg.

    lemon floor wax

    Looks like Pennsylvania Dutch to me (Mennonites). There’s a ton of them here in Ohio and I’ve seen groups similar to this at Lake Erie.


    The one on the right DOES have some mighty guns, but not the overly gross kind. I don’t think she is one of them but is with them. Maybe she’s teaching them how to surf and decided to dress a little more conservatively, by our standards, to the beach as to not offend the people she is with.

    Or I could be wrong. I just figured as such since she has her hair down and she’s showing leg. But I’m ignorant about these cultures.


    I’d fuck ’em. Of course I’m a dirty SOB with little respect for women or religion so what the hell do I care? But they could be making me a blueberry pie instead of sitting on the damn beach. That would be a start.


    There are a lot of Mennonites here as well. They own a lot of the local stores and have a great Amish Market Thursday-Saturday.

    tiki god

    I don’t understand what you’re saying.

    are you suggesting that a group of people that’s known for being anti-social is somehow social?


    my mind? blown>


    Like most, they’re fond of money. They either drive a Chevy Caprice or BMW. Their market really is good though. All their food is organic, so you get really nice meats and fruit/veggies. The bakery is awesome, as is the candy. I’m drooling now, gonna have to hit the market on Thursday. If I remember; I’ll grab the camera and get some pics.


    I don’t see any Manatees.


    I was drunk, haha.


    The one at the front of the picture is pretty hot, the others not so much.


    nyokki where are you from? tiki god. Every member of the Amish or Mennonite faith I have ever met is very social. Community is a big part of their culture. The problem is you have douche bags that make fun of them, harass them and so on. You also have places like Lancaster where it has been decided that the Amish are a great way to attract tourists, so they constantly have to deal with people taking their photos (which they consider a graven image and against God’s wishes). You also have people who have no respect for private property… Read more »


    I’ve been to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania and has seen Amish people in Walmart
    that for me has always been a wtf…? moment
    and yes they were Amish not Mennonites


    have not has
    before the grammar Nazis throw me into a camp


    Right, the Amish go to walmart like everyone else. It is just another store. We’ve just made it bigger.