Trick dice!

DSCN7136.JPG (976 KB)

DSCN7137.JPG (894 KB)

DSCN7138.JPG (1011 KB)

DSCN7139.JPG (963 KB)

Roll a 7 or 11 every time!

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    clip your dam nails, Lo Pan


    Jack Burton: Which Lo Pan? Little old basket case on wheels or the ten foot tall roadblock?


    Coke nail/s?


    More like bitch nails.. by the way this douchebag shops out of the bargain bin he couldn’t afford real coke.


    “Roll a 7 or 11 every time!”

    Until someone who is not legally blind easily sees that there’s fives or sixes or twos all over the dice.

    “Get punched in the face every time!”


    Punk get a life, never you be anything!


    I often wonder if his dad is like ‘I wonder what my douchey son is up too…’ – These days, Casedad was unnerved. Thoughts lingered in his mind as to what to do to the ‘man’ that lived down that hallway. He gently drummed his fingers on the IKEA table his son picked up at a garage sale three weeks ago, each finger making its own distinct thump. The sounds of the camera and fake plastic gun had ended long ago, which only meant that his son was using their dial-up internet connection to post his pictures to some poor… Read more »


    Do I smell a new MCS meme?


    i am compiling these as i see them


    Dude, you buy the dumbest shit.


    Lame, you can see that there are multiple faces with the same number.
    Good trick dice are loaded or have multiple identical faces on opposite sides.
    Next time try a good site insead of Toys R Us online.