Supersonic over San Franscisco Bay

You can see Alcatraz whizz by in the background.
I wonder how many boaters got their teeth rattled.

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    Does it crash into something and send it flying in the very beginning? The hell is that?


    A bird. A very terrified bird.


    Blue Angels man. Fuckin’ awesome.


    Not really supersonic.
    You dont have to go supersonic to create a pressure wave.

    Cool display by a pilot with big steel ones tho….


    Yeah, I was wondering about this. It’s probably illegal to make sonic booms at that altitude.


    if this was fleet week 2007, i would have seen this from the top of the cell house on Alcatraz. best view of the air show, hands down. other than being IN one of the planes of course.


    Yeah, the FAA doesn’t allow the Angels or anyone to break the sound barrier over populated areas anymore. But the Angels do make those awesome low passes at high speed. If you get a chance to see ’em in San Francisco, get a spot on the pier at Fort Mason for the best view.


    The lead pilot of the Blue Angels just stepped down last week for going too low. Now they don’t know when they’ll be flying again.

    You’d think they would stop that shit after the one dude died a few years ago.


    the jet isnt traveling over mach 1. it may be getting close and it may have localized areas where the airspeed is greater than mach 1 but the jet doesnt have to be.