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    It is funny how pretty you can dress up hate.


    Yeah, hate looks fantastic in red, white and blue.


    Way to jump ship dude.


    Say what you want about religion, it did inspire some beautiful architecture.


    Genocide, slavery and fanatics too.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    An absence of religion would not have made the world a better place. There just would have been a lot more genocide, slavery, and assholes.


    Or a hell of a lot less.


    At the risk of actually supporting mags, folks should try to remember
    how many were enslaved & perished under 20th-century athiest states
    before re-imagining religion as the root of all evil.


    These states didn’t kill people because of atheism.
    Religious states kill people because of religion.
    Fundamental difference here, see?

    Besides, which states do you mean anyway?
    Nazi Germany wasn’t atheist. Quite religious, in fact.
    Soviet Union is the only atheist dictatorship I can think of.

    I write one short sentence per row because the end parts
    of rows in third tier replies tend to cut short abruptly.


    ^Who said it had to be a dictatorship? Ever heard of China?
    And yes: China and the Soviet Union did, in fact, kill people
    for having religious beliefs.
    By the MILLIONS.
    Which, no matter which way you look at it, is pretty much
    the same as killing someone because of athiesm.

    (and yeah, I’m getting that weird sentence cutoff thing as well.)


    Stalin killed people because of their religion, because they were too wealthy, because they lived in the wrong place, because they were in his way, because he didn’t like their faces. Any reason was as good as another. And I’m yet to hear about him killing Orthodox Christians because of their religion. First, he was schooled as an Orthodox priest and second, a large number of Russians adhered to that religion and it wouldn’t have been prudent of him to upset them. Of course they were repressed, but so was everyone else, religious or not. As for Mao, he was… Read more »


    You’re projecting what you would do on what others have done. You don’t have an argument, you have only your own opinion. Furthermore, if you “haven’t heard about [Mao] killing buddhists…not wholesale, anyway”, you’ve got quite a lot of reading & fact-checking to catch up on. Lastly, reading comprehension: Killing religious people for being religious at all is killing in the name of athiesm. (which has been done, on a wide scale and as state policy, in both China and the Soviet Union –more fact-checking for you.) You’re trying to morph it into ‘killing people for their religion’, which even… Read more »


    And where the living fuck did you come up with “As for Mao,
    he was Buddhist/Confucian/Taoist/whatever”…?


    So your point is that Stalin killed religious people because of his atheism? This is ridiculous. He might’ve been an atheist (at least openly, just like Mao) or not, but I atheism is in no way grounds for murder. He killed religious people because he feared organized opposition from among these ranks, just as from among academics and so on. Not because “you’re religious, so I’ll kill you, just like that!” Stalin was too practical to engage in such childishness. I’ll repeat – atheism is not grounds for murder, unlike religion. Religious writings provide ample direct or interpretative reasons. Darwin’s… Read more »


    While I never mention Stalin per se, you continue to harp on him and the various reasons he had for slaughtering people. I mean…yeah, no shit he had lots of reasons. Most power-mad lunatics do. But one of them reasons he disappeared vast numbers of people and shipped them off to gulags was because they were openly religious. Same goes for a lot of Stalin successors, under- lings and the Soviet body politic as a whole. It was policy, long after Stalin kicked the bucket as well. “I’ll repeat – atheism is not grounds for murder, unlike religion. Religious writings… Read more »


    In a hurry to make an appointment; forgive crap English…


    See? This is where we disagree about Stalin. I don’t think he was mad per se. Paranoid, sure, but every ruler with a party full of schemers behind him is. Other than that, he was quite rational. If he killed openly religious people, it was because he feared their influence, not because he hated them. And while yes, hatred for all religions could turn into homicidal urge, so could hatred towards any other thing. But killing others because your religion says so is, in my opinion, a completely unique form of homicidal mindset. One doesn’t have to be clinically insane… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No matter where you go all monuments looks like penises.


    Surprised? If monuments were modeled after vaginas, they’d look like shopping malls from ground level.


    Mind Blown

    Jetri Kidd

    what heights we reach, for love and ignorance


    People are what they are. For some religion inhibits their baser impulses, for others it is an excuse for it.

    If there were no religion bad people would do bad things, good people good things, and stupid people stupid things.

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