Maltron Keyboard

Maltron Keyboard

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    Mind your I’s and U’s!


    Nvm I found them. What a bizarre keyboard. Do not want!!!!


    I don’t know what it is but it’s cool.


    Supposedly, after doing the training program, people can type up to 85 words/minute one-handed on these things.


    @Anonymous: I can just about guarantee that I could mess that curve up.


    Hera’s Cunt! This would be PERFECT for me! DO WANT


    I used to know a girl who used one of these because a stroke had left one of her hands paralyzed.


    You can type about 75 WPM on a standard keyboard if your hands are agile enough anyway (thats about the speed of my left hand), so this is therefore pretty useless


    I never “learned” to type. I don’t do the two-fingered-hunt-n-peck, but I’m nowhere close to 75wpm, maybe 30-35wpm.


    i am shocked that no masterbation jokes have been brought up yet…


    I nearly doubled my typing speed after a week by setting the PC to the Dvorak layout. Negative impact was Qwerty slowed to a crawl (I had to rethink each character), so I switched back.

    @nyokki Never too late to learn, and avoid being accused of hunt’n’peckers.


    @dogsurfer: I use all the fingers and once I get going the speed picks up. I get slow when I’m typing from something I’m reading. As long as I know what I’m typing I can be pretty quick. I’ve heard of the Dvorak layout but have never tried it.


    I type 100+ wpm. This keyboard just looks like a pain in the ass. STOP TRYING TO REINVENT STUFF. Keyboards are fine, use your efforts on something else.


    Engineers, if it’s not broken, make it better!


    @Shanghai_Factor: So, it probably took you about 16 seconds to type that, eh?

    @ColombianMonkey: Yeah… this would be really useful to those that jerk to web-cam chat shit.

    Nemo Intermundorum

    This is for a select few people that want to master typing with one hand and utterly fail at all normal keyboards for the rest of their lives. I’ll stick to being able to coax over 120 words a minute on any computer I sit at, thanks.

    Kind of makes me wonder, though, why is the “U” key so separate? Is it supposed to be symbolical? Like – “U are all alone” or something?

    @ColombianMonkey: I can’t even imagine the ambidexterity required to wank with one hand and type with the other. It boggles the mind.


    This is a great site to practice typing: They have user-submitted quotes from movies, books, games and songs. I’m up to 75 from 60wpm.


    @Nemo Intermundorum: try it.. xD


    Carpal tunnel?


    Good thing they included two Windows keys so close together!


    ok…. thanks but i’ll pass.
    however i do hate the sleep button on my keyboard. its right next to esc, so when im gamin’ away, and i go to hit esc, i accidentaly hit that. especially sux when gaming online, cuz they don’t wait for you!

    Hi. As someone who can only use this keyboard due to hemiplegia and a host of injuries, I find your comments alternately funny and frustrating. Just because you’re able-bodied, don’t assume these technologies aren’t a godsend to somebody else. See review: