Wind Farm

Wind Farm

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    So you grow Wind?


    Will it take off?


    Did they use Triple 16 or Miracle Gro?


    Thats not a wind farm. Thats the earth rotational propulsion system. thats what makes the earth spin.


    It is sad that without tax payer dollars, such a renewable resource would go un-tapped in the USofA.


    nobody knows: yeah you put enough high speed turbines in one area, you create wind… and we were all taught that it was due to earths rotation or some shit like that. stupid 4th grade science class


    : Fundamentalist school?


    One Easy-Bake Oven’s power source…..


    I think this can be made more aesthetically pleasing. Can’t it be made to blend in?

    purple banana

    I was talking to my ecology prof about wind farms the other day; he used to help a system in Denmark and a few in the US. He had said birds are fine around them, but the land windfarms’ blades spin much faster, and the negative pressure can cause bats’ organs to rupture and hemorrhage… Don’t know if it’s true or not, but that would suck. Bats are awesome.


    What a waste of rocky surface.


    Quite easily… However I think for safety reasons they may want to have them remain visible…

    purple banana:
    It’s amazing the kind of crazy things people will think up when they are uncomfortable with something…


    Phyreblade: It doesn’t need to be camouflaged, just more aesthetic. It doesn’t need to match, it just needs to go.


    nyokki: Ah… like flower petal shaped blades n stuff? 🙂


    Phyreblade: Well, I’m not sure that would be efficient. But tey certainly be painted. Reds and yellows would work and you could paint flowers on the blades…or sumfin.


    nyokki: LOL yeah, no I didn’t think it would be, just trying to figure out what you meant by “more aesthetic”…

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