Motivational Posters

You're Fat.jpg (62 KB)

WTF.jpg (93 KB)

Women With Cars.jpg (80 KB)

Truely Epic Boobs.jpg (111 KB)

Blasphemy.jpg (28 KB)

Dual Wielding.jpg (95 KB)

Fat Kids.jpg (51 KB)

Fatherhood.jpg (35 KB)

Gang Rape.jpg (74 KB)

Identifying Wood.jpg (48 KB)

Limitations.jpg (56 KB)

Parenting.jpg (63 KB)

Rule 11.jpg (62 KB)

Screw 'Em.jpg (85 KB)

St. Patrick's Day.jpg (58 KB)

Swedish Girls.jpg (110 KB)

Teamwork in Army.jpg (116 KB)

True Love.jpg (208 KB)

A collection of my favorite motivational posters from browsing the web late at night.

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    The look on his face indicates he could already feel the internet shame


    I’m assuming you’re talking about the guy who’s shitting himself… I hear it’s not that uncommon among long-distance runners. Frankly, I think nothing is worth the embarrassment of shitting yourself in public, but that’s just me.


    The “Identifying Wood” one was taken on my campus. Penn State, University Park at the outdoor pool area. I thought I recognized the ARHS (Association of Residence Hall Students) sign/logo and the blue fence behind the booth.


    Two of these are mildly funny.

    Luke Magnifico

    You just pulled a 4chan thread or whatever and posted the whole thing.

    I am boycotting this post.


    If you like demots, this is the link for you:


    Is dual-wielding real life? Or Counter-strike Cosplay? Cause if its real that’d be awesome.