Remember when the USA killed 290 Iranians

Remember when the USA killed 290 Iranians.jpg

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    Tagged “Humor”…?


    Not sure what whomever made this is trying to say–that because one U.S. president was hard-hearted regarding an international incident and tragedy, that no one else should ever again complain?


    What’s also a little weird about this is that George H. W. Bush wasn’t even president on 8/2/88. The election was two months away.


    Reagan was President.
    Bush was VP at the time.
    So it’s not surprising that he would issue a statement.


    Especially since Reagan was on vacation when it happened. Still, when you’re looking for a quote to back up the whole “the U.S. refused to apologize” thing, wouldn’t the sitting president be your first choice?


    I’d agree, most VPs are forgettable.
    But Reagan was a bit dotty at this point with HW practically running the show, and HW went on to become president.
    So that moves him up a few notches on the internet outrage scale.

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