Fish Tank Toilets

Fish Tank Toilets

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    how can i get one?


    Why is it that Japan is always so much more interesting than us?

    I feel like I’m being deprived of the intellectual stimulation caused by coming into contact with novelty. Too much blandness inhibits the mind’s capacity for creative cognizance.

    I blame the American government!


    do want!!!!


    They had these at one of the Expo’s in Pomona Calif. Couldn’t get a pic though, my battery had died =\


    Now the good ones have the toilet reservoir surrounding the fishtank, so that when you flush, water in front of the fishes seems to be funneling down, making it look like the toilet is filling with fishtank water. Can’t tell from the pics if that’s the case here.


    The fish tank needs be be in front of you so you can watch the fish while your on the loo.


    OH MAN, I was at the mall with my bro yesterday and there was this special display for this thing called the “Dolphin” which is like, an automated, computerized toilet seat, it connects to your existing toilet and waterline, and along with it’s numerous eco-benefits and minute power usage, it has a controllable bidet built in! It was fucking crazy, like, it has a little control pad so you can aim it and control the pressure and temperature and pulse and everything, and the seat itself is also heated. The intent is to eliminate toilet paper usage. But DAMN do… Read more »


    @doc: obviously not a guy. standing in front and peeing

    madhouses visites

    @asdf: but even for guys the toilet seat gets in the way of seeing the fish


    @madhouses visites: Not if you pee with the seat down…

    Better yet, aim for the tank instead of the bowl.


    @sylvanish: That sounds sweeeeet. I want one!


    How convenient for the fish! Once they die, they’re right where they were going anyway!


    I think they had a kit for this somewhere, so you could replace your reservoir with this fishtank… Let me see… Ah here:

    Yeah… I dunno if I’d spend $350+sh so my fish can watch me take a dump…


    @Phyreblade: Oh man, I love it. I’d pay $400 for it.


    @nyokki: LOL Really? But you won’t even see the fish, except when you actually go to the bathroom, unless you happen to have a toilet in your living room, and even then, you’re gonna have your back to the fish the vast majority of the time… lol

    What am I missing…? 🙂


    @Phyreblade: Well, I will see it every time I go into the bathroom, when I’m not actually using the toilet. Also, it’s frikken cool! Imagine the comments of friends and family.


    @nyokki: Imagine the comments of friends and family. Here’s what I’d imagine would happen.(Cultural references adjusted for humor) Mom: Hey did you see what your son’s got in the toilet? Dad: Indeed I did. I’ll be darned. Gul darned golfish eyballin’ me the whole time I was doin’ my business. Mom: I told you we shouldn’t have let him move to the city… Dad: Well I hate to say it, but I think you’re right… Mom: A cryin’ shame. City life done rotted his brain. *Shakes head and puts face in hands…* Dad: Good Lord… What have we done to… Read more »