your new x-box is spying on you

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    how does the camera analyze heartbeats
    or discern your emotional state in the dark
    is it infared

    Dyon 86

    No, just EVIL!!!!!


    ZOMG all this conjecture with no sources! BIG BROTHER MS OH NOEZ. They have a patent for a couple of things in the image. Having a patent doesnt mean they are going to put it in use, and they have said the system doesnt check for freeloaders. PS4 has patents in for very similar things, but youill never see a poster like this for them. Including their policy on used games. There leaving it up to the publishers, and it was the publishers that told MS they want them to charge for used games. MS has always been more structured… Read more »


    Yeah, except EA said outright they’re dropping online passes.


    Still Bush’s fault.


    Wow, I guess the Democrats/Bronies/Republicans are back from hiding from the onslaught of Casemod Marxist PrObamaganda.


    Detects an extra person in the room who didn’t pay for pay-per-view? That is so fucking cool. Big brother, where do you get these wonderful toys? If this is true I have to give you a high five. But you probably know that already.


    As a non-console person:

    And all those requirements, so you can just play some games, make me lol. Hard.
    Enjoy your not so unexpected, semi-consensual, anal intercourse.


    still a better love story than twilight


    You all realize that there is a very easy solution to this: Don’t buy it. There will titles for the 360 floating around forever unless MS comes up with some way to charge for them again also. In that event, PS3 or PS4. Don’t like PS? You already have a PC if you’re reading this (or god help you, a mac), so you can ditch the consoles all together, and join the wonderful world of PC gaming. Btw, I lol @... the $50+ dollars console gamers pay for new titles compared to the $15.00 a month I pay to play… Read more »

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