Bruno In Minataur

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    OMFG why was I surprised at the cock?


    Am I the only one who thinks this guy isn’t funny?


    No, but I do find parts of his movies very funny, if uncomfortable.


    He’s a one-trick pony. “let’s see what people will do if I drop a very weird and uncomfortable situation in their lap.” It doesn’t show the close mindedness of others, it has no social commentary value, and it stopped being funny after everyone heard of Borat and was in on the joke.


    Who is this guy?


    His 15 minutes are up.


    Paraphrased from Lewis Black:

    “He’s beyond gay. He’s around gayer than gay. He has a gayocity beyond gayness. Even the gays are going, ‘He’s out of control! I think the bitch needs medication.'”


    This is why you don’t use Tom Green as your role model. I don’t see the appeal of this guy (as well as tom green) I mean, it’s just “oh look, I’m doing something wacky and outrageous! holy cow!”

    While I’m happy for you that you’re able to make a living off of being a complete fucking retard, you stopped being funny many years ago. Please die.


    He is fearless, and the importance of his work wont be commonly ercognized for some time. He will be remembered as a mastermind.


    Am I the only one who wants one of those costumes?