Just another one of these,

IOGraphica - 3.6 days (from 5-30 Aug 8th to 13-57 Aug 15th).png (2 MB)

But it’s the most complex one I’ve seen submitted here till now. It’s taken over a week, with 3.6 days of active mouse time. Yes, I’m at the computer a lot – the large black spaces are, I assume, from me double clicking videos for fullscreen and leaving the mouse there.

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    large circles are when the mouse rests


    this is what i get for commenting before i read the whole sentence


    please stop posting this stuff

    casemods UID# 667

    “the large black spaces are, I assume,”

    That is the problem – the program isn’t made very well yet.

    It’s useless at this time.


    Just hit pause when you’re gonna be idle for a long period, the resume.