Transformers 2 Filming at AMARG

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Some friends here on Davis-Monthan AFB caught some pics of Transformers 2 being filmed at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, AKA: The Bone Yard.

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    Yay For Megan Fox.


    Yay for what will probably be a crappy sequel to a crappy movie starring some kid I’d like to see catch fire.


    I drive through that facility every day…. Tom Petty filmed his “Learning to Fly” video there too.


    yay for C-130s


    Wait they’re making a SECOND one? Shit the only reason i watched the 1st one was for amazing robot battles and all i got was lame robot jokes about smashing petunias. Don’t need a second one of those!

    Alec Dalek

    Great, more explosions. Who needs a plot when you’re Michael Bay>


    Ya movie was way too fast and whack.. YAH for Selma’s boobies!


    To work on a Bay film would be EPIC.


    Interesting, I wasn’t able to see the work on the base although I did see Shia downtown at a bar. Although sadly I did not see Megan Fox.


    The first one was okay. But that was because the vehicle selection was OK. While I may not be a Mustang fan, that Saleen Police Cruiser Barricade was HOT.

    But what the fuck over with Starscream? Sorry, Starscream is supposed to be a sleek little bastard ‘con and not some hoity toity toad pos.

    And with the second one, what is up with the jelly beans on wheels that Bay has a sudden fetish with? I can deal with Camaros and Saleens, and I really dug the Solstice and as Jazz not doubt. ( Though all the rampant racism, Black guy dies, sterotyped black guy, the video game had you play Jazz to distract the po’lice, and the whole stupid acronym that was put to P-O-N-T-I-A-C )

    Sideswipe is supposed to be a Corvette. Why? Because Bay used all his budget on explosions and Megan Fox’s tits to afford a Lambo or two.

    Michael Bay is trying to rape my childhood ( and adulthood ) worse than even the most depraved of fangirls.


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