Transformers 2 Filming at AMARG

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Some friends here on Davis-Monthan AFB caught some pics of Transformers 2 being filmed at the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, AKA: The Bone Yard.

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    Yay For Megan Fox.


    Yay for what will probably be a crappy sequel to a crappy movie starring some kid I’d like to see catch fire.


    I drive through that facility every day…. Tom Petty filmed his “Learning to Fly” video there too.


    yay for C-130s


    Wait they’re making a SECOND one? Shit the only reason i watched the 1st one was for amazing robot battles and all i got was lame robot jokes about smashing petunias. Don’t need a second one of those!

    Alec Dalek

    Great, more explosions. Who needs a plot when you’re Michael Bay>


    Ya movie was way too fast and whack.. YAH for Selma’s boobies!


    To work on a Bay film would be EPIC.


    Interesting, I wasn’t able to see the work on the base although I did see Shia downtown at a bar. Although sadly I did not see Megan Fox.


    The first one was okay. But that was because the vehicle selection was OK. While I may not be a Mustang fan, that Saleen Police Cruiser Barricade was HOT. But what the fuck over with Starscream? Sorry, Starscream is supposed to be a sleek little bastard ‘con and not some hoity toity toad pos. And with the second one, what is up with the jelly beans on wheels that Bay has a sudden fetish with? I can deal with Camaros and Saleens, and I really dug the Solstice and as Jazz not doubt. ( Though all the rampant racism, Black… Read more »


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